Internet Safety Resources for Schools

Discover a wealth of resources designed to enhance your understanding of online safety, equipping you with the knowledge needed to deliver engaging online safety education.

Links to Further Resources and Support

If you have attended one of our in person training sessions, please use this page to access the resources mentioned in the sessions.

Influencers – What Parents Need to Know (Video Guide)


Roblox – What Parents Need to Know (Video Guide)

Roblox Parent Guide

Screentime and Wellbeing – Parent Guide

Screen Time Parent Guide

TikTok – What Parents Need to Know

Internet Safety Infographic

Loot Boxes – What Parents Need to Know

Loot Box Parent Guide

A Guide to Socila Media Apps and their Age Ratings

Internet Safety Infographic

Zoom Security: What You Need to Know

Is Zoom Secure?

Family Agreement Template

Family Agreement

TikTok Parent Guide

Download our guide on what parents need to about TikTok.

TikTok Parent Guide

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