Find out what our clients have to say…

‘Once again, our facilitator was fantastic. Numerous members of staff came up to me to tell me I should email you to praise her! I wasn’t in the assembly myself, but the workshops she delivered were very good.

She learns the children’s names very quickly, which makes a huge difference. She gained their respect instantly. She is great.

Superb again. I don’t know where you get all that energy from, but well done!’

St Joseph's Camberwell, London

‘I have nothing but excellent things to say about our day with OpenView.  The children are STILL buzzing about it and they all enjoyed the day – One even announced that it was the ‘Best show ever’.

The teachers reported that the workshops were brilliant and were all incredibly impressed by your knowledge and skills as well as your ability to manage the behaviour of the children.  The materials provided for the prior session and the follow-up are great and completely appropriate.  The parents and carers who came to the session have been full of praise as well.

Thank you again.  I have already been recommending you to my friends in other schools.’

Bonneville Primary School, Lambeth

Ms McIntosh, Assistant Headteacher KS2.

‘Our facilitator was absolutely bursting with energy which engaged all the pupils from our youngest in Reception to Year 6 at the very top of the school. The show was fast paced and entertaining while having a very strong and clear message. The children felt involved and enjoyed coming up to the front to help out.

The workshops then built on what they had learnt in the show which consolidated the children’s understanding and involved a range of activities like discussion, freeze-frames and acting. This once again appealed to all ages and all abilities.’

Ravenscourt Park Prep School, Hammersmith

‘I want to pass on my huge gratitude for the amazing workshops delivered over three days at Putney high school. The response was amazing. Your patience, delivery and professionalism shone through and there’s been so much positive feedback from parents. You started a very important conversation in the school about E-safety, raise its profile and I hope this serves as a catalyst for future work.

Thanks once again and I’ll leave you with a little story about a student in year one.

After the student finished her session, she had to go for her flu vaccination, the nurse asked her for her name. The student replied “sorry that is private information I am not giving it to you”.  It’s amazing how effective your workshops were.

She did end up giving her name in the end.

Thank you again and I hope you get to work again together in the future.’

Putney High School, London

Mr Mistry

‘OpenView Education is a pleasure to work with! The workshops were excellent, engaging and pitched just right for the age and ability of the children whether delivered in schools or at our community venues.

We were particularly impressed with the interactive activities. We also loved that the workshops were available from EYFS right through to KS2.

We had great feedback from every teacher, children’s practitioner and youth worker who attended the workshops, who said they were fun, interesting and that young people really enjoyed them.’

YMCA East Surrey

Judith Brooks, Head of Children and Young People and Deputy CEO

– This was a really valuable workshop, pitched well for our Year 5 and 6s.
– There was a great mixture of discussion, listening and drama-based activities that all of the children could access.
– The discussion about the difference between bullying and general disagreements was fantastic, particularly the focus on the 3 signs of bullying and the identification of power balance.
– We have been given access to online resources which will be used over the coming weeks with other year groups.
– From talking to some of the children afterwards, they were confident in explaining the difference between bullying and general disagreements.

Pupil feedback:

Year 5: “I liked the acting because it helped me to understand (power imbalance) better and I feel more confident.”

Year 6: “I think that it made other people realise that what they’re doing could be unkind or bullying and made them stop.”

Briscoe Primary School, Basildon.

Ms Wright

‘Excellent Theatre production, fun, entertaining, engaging and suitable for all ages.
The message came across really clearly and ideas were given to help children speak out if they are being bullied.

We were thrilled with Heather, she was awesome throughout.

I have spoken to my colleagues and they were so impressed with how you included all the pupils and valued them so much.’

Bloxham Primary School, Oxfordshire

Ms Beale

‘I would like to comment on behalf of the teaching staff – who were absolutely amazed. Children came from the sessions being able to retell what they learned and tips from Phil, Callie and Millie. When checking pupil voice, children from each year group mentioned how fun it was and how they really liked do all the acting out and body movements.

Teachers raved about all three instructors, complimenting their behaviour management and their ability to engage with the children. EYFS was especially impressed with how they were able to captivate the children.

As for the parent workshop, I sat in on the session and it was very informative. Concerns that parents had were addressed, and they were ready to share with other parents who weren’t able to attend.’

St Peter’s Eaton Square, London

‘All children were totally absorbed in the show. I think the pitch regarding anti bullying was spot on and easy for the children to understand. First class!

Amazing engaging and thoroughly to the point’

Front Lawn Primary Academy, Havant.

Ms Claxton

‘The workshop was very engaging and brilliantly aimed at the children’s age. The children enjoyed being involved with the ‘acting’ aspects and meeting the puppet. You were amazing! Thank you so much for your patience and kindness towards the children and their excitement!’ 

Brookfield Primary Academy, Sutton

‘Very clear resources which were a great revision tool on our first AB day of the year. Our performer was very professional and great with the children. Her ability to remember their names after such a short space of time was impressive!

Your performance was great and the way you managed the content during the workshops was really impressive – especially remembering all of the children’s names!  Thank you for your performance and leadership of the workshops on Friday – we had a great first anti-bullying day of the year and are already looking forward to the next one! Thank you from all at St. Mary’s!’

St. Mary's CE Primary School, Wandsworth.

Ms Payne

‘The resources and workshops were great because each one was age appropriate for the year groups. Children across the school enjoyed it and were able to discuss what they had learned. The children in Key stage one have been using the stop sign. Children in Key stage two wrote letters to their friends encouraging them to reach out for support, which was brilliant.

Thank you so much for providing an amazing experience for all the children at Millbrook. The children were all engaged in the online and live content and learned a lot in the process. Big thumbs up!’

Millbrook Combined School, High Wycombe.

Ms Paul

‘The workshops were well adapted to the children age groups. Timing was flexible to the teacher. The workshops were both interactive and educational.

The children were engaged and the teachers equally enjoyed the workshops.

Additionally, there is a wealth of resources online provided by OpenView to embed the learning. Thank you OpenView.’

St Aidan's VC Primary School, Finsbury Park, London.

Ms Dalati

‘I just wanted to personally say how amazing the workshops were. I received fantastic feedback from all class teacher who said they were impressed by how engaged you kept them. It was a great success. I am sure we will be booking you guys again in the future’.


The Mulberry Primary School, London

‘I liked that the workshop met the age of my children very well. There were lots of parts in the workshop where my children could move around and get their energy out and not have to sit down the whole time. They really enjoyed the puppet and the story and it made a good impact on the children.’

Fairisle Infant School, Southampton

‘There were a range of activities. The facilitators were engaging and knowledgeable about the information they were providing. Pupils said they would enjoy doing the workshop again.

Thank you for providing the workshops. The pupils had lots of positive things to say afterwards and they learned a lot throughout the day. We hope you enjoyed your time at St. Luke’s.’

St Luke's C of E Primary School, Manchester.

Ms Dorimain

‘The trainer was engaging, had a great deal of subject knowledge. Children had a lot to think about and were really enthusiastic about the discussion. It was pitched within their level and they came out with a wealth of knowledge about online bullying. They could differentiate between what was good or bad comments and attitude online and were able to identify them in the scenarios provided. Resources used were very good. It gave the children the opportunity to participate fully.’

Leopold Primary, Harlesden.

Ms Faith

‘The session was informative, pitched at the right level and engaged the interest of the children. The workshop leader facilitated the dialogue, giving ample opportunity for discussion. The feedback from the Year 4 and 5 children was very positive.

Thank you. You created a great rapport with the children, enabling an environment where they felt confident to share and discuss their ideas, thoughts and understanding.’

Staines Preparatory School, Staines.

Mr Record

‘Engaging and interesting for the pupils, well pitched for the age and very relevant.  Our facilitator had a lovely manner and raport with the children.

You were amazing! The children loved it and have been talking about since! Thank you’

St Peter's School, York.

Ms Sayles

‘The scenarios were pitched perfectly and true to real life which enabled the children to relate to them.

The mixture of listening and moving around definitely encouraged the children to engage fully.

Our facilitator was fantastic. She was engaging and sensitive of the different children and responded positively to them. I loved her organisation, her behaviour management and how she interacted with the children and staff.’

Westmorland Primary School, Stockport

Ms Rowlands

‘When speaking to the staff who took part in the Year 5 and 6 Workshops, the children and adults all seemed to enjoy it. Our facilitator was very friendly, engaging and answered any questions we had.

He also provided us with lots of really useful resources in the e-safety staff workshop – thank you!

The press and play online package was also very useful to use in the other classes.

Thank you so much for all of your help and time. It was incredibly useful! We really enjoyed your visit.’

Hook with Warsash Academy, Southampton.

Ms Easter

‘I liked the fact it was so engaging the hour passed by in a flash.
The trainer was friendly. kind and gently encouraged participation. The workshop was in bite size pieces so no one had to sit still for very long. Loved it.

Thank you for coming in.’

Woodland Middle School Academy, Bedford.

‘The workshops were pitched to the appropriate year groups. The workshops were interactive and engaging.

Our facilitator was friendly and professional at all times. Her communication skills were great with all pupils and staff.’

Seva School, Birmingham.

Manpreet Kaur

‘Our facilitator was absolutely amazing! Extremely interactive and engaging with the pupils. The session was very ‘active’ with short bursts of activities going on throughout, as well as crucial information being shared with the students. So, it was not boring and the pupils were not talked at for the whole hour!

Our facilitator was also very confident, and her behaviour management was exceptional. She retained the pupil’s attention at all times and overall, it was an extremely successful session. I hope to work with your company again in the near future…smile

Eden Girls Leadership Academy, Birmingham.

Ms Sadia

‘There was a good mix of speaking, listening and performing. The freeze frames based on the power imbalance were very useful.

It really made the children think about the importance of being kind. The session was thoroughly enjoyed by the children. It helped to reinforce a very important message but in a fun way. Thank you.’

Warden Hill Junior School, Luton

Ms Morris

‘Sessions were appropriately pitched at the right age, the children and staff absolutely loved it and were very complimentary about the delivery.

They’ve all said they’d definitely do it again!

Thank you so much for coming, the children and staff all loved it and the feedback on the session and how you delivered it has been amazing. Thank you!’

Galley Hill Primary & Nursery School, Hemel Hempstead

- Ms Reynolds

‘Our facilitator had great management of the sessions and got all children involved.

The use of role play reinforced the learning. The children were all really engaged. The workshop was great! The children continued to talk about it afterwards.

Timbercroft Primary School, Greenwich, London.

‘The workshops were very interactive and age appropriate. Thank you for being so patient, understanding and energetic in all of your sessions. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves!’

Vineyard Primary School, Richmond, London.

‘Abby was great with the children. How she remembered their names so fast is amazing, made it feel even more personal during the workshops.
The workshops covered everything even group chat drama, something we have to deal with a lot in school, so it was great this was included in the workshop.

Thank you sooo much!! It was a pleasure having you spend the day at Rushmore! Your energy is amazing!’

Rushmore Primary School, Lower Clapton, London.

Ms Francis-Hendrickson

‘Our facilitator was absolutely fantastic and a credit to your mission.  They were super self-sufficient and independent which was excellent as I was in class throughout both days. 

It was everything we expected. I received such strong feedback from teachers and support staff, particularly early years who previously shared how hard it can be to find a workshop that is appropriate for the children. They said the children went home talking about it and even started talking about it the following morning which is amazing. The children at St Gregory’s definitely learnt something. 

Thanks again to you at Openview Education for being super flexible and supportive in arranging the workshops at St Gregory’s.’  

St Gregory's Catholic Primary School, Kent

- Mr Graham

‘Our facilitator was really engaging and the children responded to her well. Great behaviour management and organisation. 

The workshops provided a clear three stepped concept to be able to follow. Thank you so much for all your hard work and effort. The nicest thing that I saw after your workshop with Year 5 was a group of my children sitting quietly, balloon breathing and meditating at breaktime – they were blissed out!’

Ashdown Primary, Crowborough, East Sussex.

‘OpenView Education provided a fantastic workshop for our Year 7s, focusing on internet safety and phone usage. The facilitator was engaging and fun, which enthused our pupils to get involved. We have used this company multiple times and feel they deliver an outstanding workshop for young people. They diligently approached the new Covid-19 measures and the adapted workshop enabled everyone to feel safe and comfortable. We would highly recommend them to other educational instuitions.’  
Queens College London

Ms D'Arcy, Director of the School

‘I liked the fact that it presented a scenario involving technology, phones, group chats etc. as this is an area of their social interactions that our year 6 cohort really struggle with. The workshop was therefore SUPER RELEVANT!

It was great that the workshop facilitator had a visor as I didn’t feel anxious about her health and wellbeing, we were socially distanced throughout because of the size of our school hall.’

George Tomlinson Primary School, Leytonstone, London.

Ms Chambers

‘Extremely well organised and thought out. Great communication. Great delivery. Great message.

Excellent. The facilitator had everything with her to keep herself and the children safe.’

Millfields Community Primary School, London.

The show covered a broad range of messages in an engaging way – loved the combination of puppets, video and interactive elements, the workshops were also excellent – lively, engaging, fun and interactive; also very age-appropriate and fully up to date with the latest online trends. The lesson plans were excellent – the use of real-life examples and practical tips made it especially relevant in bringing e-safety to life.

Rowan Preparatory School.

Ms. Blair, Year 5 & 6 Phase Leader

‘The performance was great and very interactive. The pre teaching resources, videos and lesson plans were really engaging for the children. They remembered the key message about change starting with us. The workshops really engaged the children and they loved acting out different scenarios.

We had such a great facilitator for the day! They put on a great show and delivered a brilliant performance and workshops, which left the children buzzing! The whole day ran really smoothly, our facilitator was very organised and knew exactly what they were doing! Thanks for making it so easy! Behaviour management was excellent!! All children were really engaged and loved it!’

St Mary’s Primary School, Brighton

‘OpenView Education are true to their mission – students at Middlesex University who attended the sessions bore testimony to OpenView’s claim – they truly do “equip students with the self-confidence and knowledge they need to stay safe and to live successful, happy lives. 

Working with OpenView has been fun, productive and impactful.  They are highly professional in approach, and have great understanding of how best to engage students in exploratory and learning activities.’

Middlesex University, London.

Ms. Crabb, Head of Student Support and Wellbeing

Our facilitator was absolutely brilliant! I was so impressed with the way in which they engaged the whole Prep School in the show, then adapted their tone and manner to engage with Year 5 & 6 during workshops and finishing with an extremely professional Parents workshop!’

Notre Dame Prep School, Greenwich

‘I would really like to stress how excellent our facilitator was. They had a professional, informative and sensitive manner with the parents whilst leading the parent talk.  The individual workshops with our students were excellent and pitched perfectly to each age group. Finally I would like to commend OpenView Education on their ability to engage over 250 students in an eSafety assembly. The use of drama and enthusiasm meant that the children really learnt from the assembly, this will  safeguard the children if faced with an eSafety problem.’

Shaftesbury Park Primary School

Ms. McKenzie-Arday, Computing Lead

‘A massive thank you from all of us at Bancroft’s Prep for an absolutely wonderful day on Friday. The assembly was entertaining whilst thought provoking and perfectly pitched! The workshops were brilliant. We can’t wait to welcome you back to our school again.’

Bancroft’s Prep School, Woodford Green

‘The facilitators had great knowledge and expertise, very up-to-date information, and were adaptable to our school needs. They had brilliant teaching strategies to engage children in listening/active learning/discussion.

Positive and warm with the children, managed children well, presented with knowledge to parents. Brilliant!
It was all brilliant and staff, pupils and parents were all impressed and said how beneficial the sessions were – they really enjoyed the sessions and all learnt so much.

Thank you for your flexibility, positivity and expertise. It was an excellent day and I’m sure we’ll rebook the show and/or workshops again in the future.’

Manchester High School for Girls, Manchester

‘I’ve had really positive feedback from the staff about the workshops and our facilitator was really accommodating to our school workshops. Really impressed! Thank you so much – you were brilliant!’

St Columba’s Catholic Primary School, Birmingham

Mr Richards

‘The show was excellent at not only defining what bullying is, but also provided children with tools and strategies to deal with bullying (and any other unwanted behaviours) really well. It also highlighted online bullying which is high on the agenda for safeguarding youngsters nowadays.

It was excellent at engaging because it was interactive and fast paced. The show reinforced what we have been teaching children which is always good. The workshops were appropriately pitched and children were engaged throughout. Our facilitator was enthusiastic, positive and passionate about something which is very important to us as a school too. The show and workshops reinforced the need for us to take action and not allow bullying to happen to us or others.  Your passion and enthusiasm made it even better. Thank you.’

Hillcross Primary School, Morden

‘Perfect combination of humour and sensitivity. The message is so simple but it was delivered in such an interactive and effective way. The puppets and our facilitator were fantastic at engaging the children. They had complete control over the whole school.

‘I thought the workshops were perfect, they reiterated the previous message from the show but also gave children the skills to deal with difficult situations.’

Hollybush Primary School, Hartford

Ms Cracknell, Deputy Head

‘Friendly and knowledgeable leader who delivered a current and active session. The children enjoyed the role plays and liked watching the videos. The children commented that they liked the use of puppets in the videos.

Thank you for delivering such a great workshop. I thought the pace as well as your explanation and demonstration of what was expected was fantastic.

All of the children were enthusiastic, listening really well and engaged with what you were doing.

Istead Rise Primary School, Gravesend.

‘I just wanted to say a huge thanks for the excellent workshop today. It was very well-pitched and received. I think the pupils will really have taken on board the useful learning.’

Queens College, London.

‘Children were all engaged and it was evident they learnt something. Good links to real life situations. The children had opportunity to practice through role-play. Thank you very much, the children really enjoyed themselves.’

St. Edwards Catholic Primary School, Marylebone

‘Thank you very much! You delivered really fun and exciting shows and the children all benefited from the workshops too. You had the sparkle and energy required to create a great impact which will last in their memories.’

Kew Green Prep School, Richmond

‘The session was really engaging and the children responded really well – the ‘in role’ acting was very immersive.
The most valuable part of the session was the realistic views of what the children use on the internet and giving them guidelines. I think the value was in not saying ‘Don’t use it’, but practically how to use it.’

Water Leys Community Primary School, Leicester

‘The workshops were a great success. It was absolutely fantastic and all children and staff have provided excellent feedback. I will highly recommend your company to other local schools.’

St. Augustine’s Primary School, Hoddeson.

‘Very clear communication with pupils and high expectations of behaviour. Very proactive for the pupils – all encouraged to contribute to the session.’

Beaudesert Park Prep School, Stroud

‘We thought that the whole day was fantastic! The children were thoroughly engaged and excited by ‘The Ultimate E-Safety Show’, and the staff were very impressed by the facilitator’s enthusiasm and the way that they conveyed such important messages in a fun and effective way.

The workshops were well tailored to the different age groups and explored Internet Safety with current, relevant scenarios. One of the parents that attended the after school workshop said how informative they found it.’

Chesterton C of E Primary School, Bicester

‘Really great and enjoyable show with lots of child interaction.
Highly engaging facilitator. The messages given and rehearsed were well remembered by the children. The children were really involved and wanted to participate which meant that the messages had an impact on their ideas. Great day!’

Tidbury Green Primary School, Birmingham

‘It was very interactive and was enjoyable for all age groups. The story was so well played it really opened up the children’s eyes.
Our facilitator was amazing. The kids really enjoyed it and how it was interactive and got all the children involved and engaged. We all got a lot out of it.’

Stillness Junior School, Lewisham

Openview Education have delivered a number of amazing, innovative workshops in our school. The children were totally engaged throughout and thoroughly enjoyed the sessions.
The facilitators are professional, friendly and great with the children. They deliver sensitive subjects in an informative and entertaining manor for both pupils and staff.
We have rebooked and would definitely recommend this company.

Bishop Winnington-Ingram Primary School, Ruislip

‘What did you like most about the workshops, resources and/or training?

  1. The inclusion of our SEN children in the workshop
  2. The workshop was delivered in ‘sections’, so the children had an opportunity to listen – give input and then act out the strategies.
  1. Our facilitator was exceptionally good at interacting with the children and remembering their names.
  2. Very relevant to situations children are currently in
  3. Age appropriate

A big thank you for your enthusiasm knowledge and being so great with the children. Look forward to seeing you again soon!’

Howe Dell School, Hatfield.

‘Thank you very much for the wonderful workshops today. Our facilitator was an absolute star; really engaging, enthusiastic and I was highly impressed that she knew how to interact with the children.

Both staff and pupils enjoyed the day and were all extremely positive about the content delivered. I loved how the messages were clear and aimed at the intended audience.

I think all the children were shocked to learn about Roblox as I know a lot of them play it at home. The reception teachers loved the online workshops as well and were also very positive and praised the materials provided.

Thank you for making our E-Safety day a real success.’

West Minster Primary School, Kent

Edward Bell

‘The workshops were really engaging and I loved that they were drama based. The facilitator was also fantastic. Thank you – the sessions were brilliant and the students really enjoyed them!’

St Dunstan's College, London.

Ms Collard

Great day. Met the needs of all children from year 1 to 6. Children have been to us with issues since and many questions to clarify what bullying is and how to deal with it. Fabulous both days thank you.’

St John’s CE Primary School, Walsall, Birmingham.

Louisa Mills

‘Presenter was confident and engaged the students. The input was appropriate for the age group.

Lauren was great. She was confident and engaged the students well. They responded well to her and she had a wealth of volunteers.

Thank you.’

Feversham Girls Academy, Bradford

Jackie Abbott, Assistant Head.

‘I thought the workshop was very well pitched to our youngest pupils. It was a fun and interactive way to learn about internet safety. The children could talk confidently about how to stay safe online after the workshop. Reception to Year 2 were fully engaged in the interactive session. The girls enjoyed the role play, video clips and puppetry. The internet safety messages were very clear, and everyone had fun!

Millie the puppet came to visit Pre School too and they were very excited! They learnt lots of new words and were very responsive to all the questions.

Years 3, 4 and 5 were really engaged and especially enjoyed Grace’s rap at the end of the session! They liked the audience participation! I feel it was aimed just right for being age-appropriate and accessible, without being patronising or too scary.’

Old Palace School Pre School & Preparatory, Croydon.

Debbie McKenzie, Deputy Head of Prep

‘Excellent workshops and assemblies, carefully planned and carried out appropriate to the age of the children. All of the children took lots away from the assemblies and workshops! An excellent, fun way to learn how to stay safe online. 

Professional, educational and fun. We were impressed.’

Weeke Primary School, Winchester

Jennie Oshea

‘Reception to Year 2 were fully engaged in the interactive session. The girls enjoyed the role play, video clips and puppetry. The internet safety messages were very clear, and everyone had fun!

Years 3, 4 and 5 were really engaged and especially enjoyed Grace’s rap at the end of the session! They liked the audience participation! I feel it was aimed just right for being age-appropriate and accessible, without being patronising or too scary.’

Parkway Primary School, London

Dami Alabi

‘I sat in with the final workshop for the older children and the pitch was just right. It was engaging, not patronising and had some real nuggets of useful information that the children were not aware of. I also heard very good feedback from the workshops for the younger children.

James was excellent. All ages really enjoyed his workshops. He was pacey and informative. He was very respectful of the children and listened to their questions. The children loved him. The talks were matched with the on screen information well. Good mix of drama and listening to info.’

New Hinksey CE Primary School, Oxford

Tamsin Smyth

‘The children were all very engaged and the teachers loved the facilitator’s enthusiasm. The workshops were also very positive and engaging – they gave our kids a chance to really empathise with Phillip and explore the feeling and emotions that he was going through. It was great to see them get a chance to act it out. The whole day was a fantastic way to reinforce all the messages and lessons that we had previously learnt during anti-bullying week. The words respect and upstander are now firmly part of our children’s vocabulary so thank you.’

Holy Trinity C of E Primary School, London

‘Excellent delivery of the workshop – very engaging for Year 6, they learnt more than from a normal e-safety lesson.’
‘Well planned, good focus on profiles, it made them realise how important privacy settings are. Very relevant. Great session, thank you.’

Tollgate Primary School, Plaistow

‘I loved that they were available for EYFS right through to KS2. I had great feedback from every teacher who attended the workshops and said they were fun, interesting and the children really enjoyed them. Our facilitator was great

We thought the session was brilliant. We drew the animals in the well being jungle and wrote down the key messages from the story. My class had a brilliant time and we have used the counting to five every day!

Thank you so much for provided some strategies to cope in times of difficulty.

Furzefield Primary School, Surrey

‘Workshop was superb! Really great technical demos, presenter was amazing and engaged all children. Super impressed with Open View Education.

Excellent session! Brilliantly pitched. Excellent facilitator of the workshop. Technical demos really useful for the children and appropriately pitched at tech savy year 6’s.

Look forward to seeing you next time.’

Rednal Hill Junior School, Birmingham

Ms Allan

‘Your presentation is brilliantly sequenced, engaging and very clear. The presenter massively supported this with his pace and movement.

The session gave students an understanding of what they can do to change bullying for themselves and others.

Participation elements are excellent and got a good response from the students.’

West Coventry Academy, Coventry.

‘Pupils were engaged throughout the sessions and loved being able to get involved with the activities. The activities were relevant and up to date to support pupils’ understanding.
Both facilitators who presented to the school were inspiring to the pupils and kept their attention whilst managing and setting high standards for behaviour.’

Hampton Junior School, Hampton

Daisy Peaty

‘The workshop was fantastic and kept children really engaged throughout. Really good energy and engagement. Thank you’

Kingsbury Green Primary School, London

Rachel Obiago

‘The workshops were age relevant. There were plenty of interactive elements which allowed the children to remember important pieces of advice from the workshops/assemblies. We also loved the follow up resources and have used them for Internet Safety week.

Our facilitator was fantastic. He really engaged the children with his enthusiastic delivery of the sessions. He was really flexible with our school day and was a pleasure to work with.’

St Peters Primary School, Woolwich, London.

Anna Wood

‘Entertaining, accessible, relevant and clear. Delivered with enthusiasm and engagement.

Very visual, great use of props to increase interest and made interactive with children helping out.

Internet safety made fun although the importance of keeping safe was well addressed.’

Fenstanton and Hilton Primary, Fenstanton

‘Every class said they loved their workshops – KS1 especially! Emily had amazing energy and the children really enjoyed dressing up. The parents found the information session very helpful.

Emily, you were a star! Children and staff were so impressed with your energy, enthusiasm and getting the children to engage!’

St. Peters Eaton Square Primary School, London

Cassandra Potter

‘Every member of teaching staff who visited the workshop gave me positive comments. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever had so many come and find me to feedback!

They said it was a brilliant workshop and our children gained lots from it.’

Hanbury Primary School, West Bromwich

‘Our facilitator was absolutely brilliant. So knowledge and enthusiastic. They were very engaging and got all the children involved.

Thank you so much for a wonderful few days. You exceeded all expectations. We appreciated that you arrived early and were well prepared. I had great feedback from all staff and children about your enthusiasm and ability to engage all children.’

Ewell Grove Primary and Nursery School, Surrey

Jade Moore

‘The workshops were fun and engaging, the children learnt a lot and so did the adults. I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work and effort. The children enjoyed all the activities.’

Eastwood Primary School and Nursery, Essex

Laura Furmage

‘OpenView allowed the whole school to be involved in the Anti-Bullying event. It was age appropriate for all the classes and the sessions were engaging and relevant to the children.

A massive thank you. The children not only thoroughly enjoyed the sessions but have taken a lot from them. The impact of the workshops can be felt through the whole school. Highly recommended.’

St Nicholas Catholic School, Birmingham

‘The show was very engaging. I liked that students were called up. The videos were interesting and relevant. The show was presented with enthusiasm and clearly. The workshops helped to embed the learning from the shows. Thank you very much for a superb day. You were amazing.’

The Hythe Community Primary School, Staines

‘- Presenter was very engaging, knowledgeable and praised pupils
– IT used was informative and captured the interest of the pupils
– By the end, all pupils had learnt something and could express this

Just a big thank you – everyone enjoyed it and spoke very highly of the session afterwards.’

St James' Church of England Junior School, London

‘The workshops helped make an important common issue in schools more relatable and engaging to students.

It helps students to understand they have the power to stop bullying. The constant interaction and probing questions really challenged the students’ perceptions.

You were charismatic and engaging from the first moment and you held the audience captive throughout.’

Canons High School, Edgware, London.

‘Interactive and age related issues covered. All learners engaged.

Charismatic presenter. Good volume and voice. Appropriate questioning. Encouraging students to look inward.

Amazing Work. All learners engaged and found it informative.

Thank you.’

Bolton Muslim Girls' School, Bolton.

‘I watched the performance for years 1-4. I thought the quality of delivery was excellent, it was pitched perfectly and the content was superb.’

Ms Ward, St Clare's Catholic Primary School, Chester

‘The feedback I have had from staff has been really great, probably one of the best workshops we have had.’

Horndon-on-the-Hill Church of England Primary School, Stanford-le-Hope

Debbie Bradley

‘I liked that they were age appropriate and informative. They were also very engaging for all ages. Your facilitator was fantastic!

You were amazing! Thank you for coming to our school and leading such engaging and fun assemblies/workshops for our children!’

Sydney Russell School, Dagenham

Keshia Smith

‘1. Good opportunity for the children to discuss the ratings of social media.
2. Scenarios gave the children the opportunity to discuss how they can remain safe online.
3. Engaging for all children
4. Was relevant and tailored to the age group – spoke about games that the pupils were familiar with.
5. We liked how they incorporated drama and performance into their workshop. The children were engaged with the content due to being constantly involved through drama.
6. The children learnt more about the dangers and age restrictions of the apps they use and more importantly why those age restrictions are in place.’

South Borough Primary School, Maidstone

Mathew Currie

‘The workshops were very engaging. The children really enjoyed them and were engaged the whole time. There were catchy songs, rhymes and stories to help them remember the key Online Safety messages.

The resources were really good and we used them for lessons after the workshops.

Thank you James for a fantastic day. The children really enjoyed the assemblies/workshops. You were very organised, engaging and presented really well. Thank you.’

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Harrow

Jo Edwards

‘Really clear messaging, engaging and informative for the children. The session was very well delivered with strong behaviour management.

Thank you for a highly engaging and informative day of workshops.’

Merlin School, London

Hannah Lester

‘They were extremely interactive, they focused on the key elements of bullying that we wanted to reiterate to our children; the workshops were age appropriate and the staff were incredibly friendly and helpful.

It was really easy to communicate with you; Laura was incredibly helpful and we will definitely consider having you back next year :)’

Eastbury Primary School, Barking, London

Mariam Mughal

‘Louise was excellent. When she arrived, I was wondering how she could possibly manage to run a show and 4 workshops by herself but she did and they were amazing. The children were completely engaged in all activities and the staff gave great feedback.

Louise was friendly and well organised needing very little help from us…she just did it all!’

Cawston Grange Primary School, Rugby

Nicola Brookes

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