Knife Crime Workshops for Schools

Interactive Knife Crime Workshops to equip your students with skills and strategies to stay safe.

Knife Crime Workshops

Over the last 10 years there has been an 81% increase in police recorded offences involving a knife or sharp instrument.

Furthermore, young people and teenagers are now twice as likely to be a victim of knife crime than they were 10 years ago.*

What can be done to stop knife crime and keep young people safe?

To support young people and schools with this challenge, OpenView Education provides interactive Knife Crime Awareness Workshops.

We have age appropriate workshops for Upper KS2 and KS3 Students, enabling schools to tackle this challenging topic in an interactive, engaging way, specifically designed for the age of your students.

Your students will learn:

  • Strategies and tactics to manage peer pressure and difficult choices.
  • How to keep themselves and others safe. 
  • Where to go for support and advice. 
  • When a situation may pose a risk, and action steps that can be taken.
  • That knife crime can have significant consequences and affect many more people than the victim and perpetrator.
  • Understand that friendships should be supportive and respectful. 
  • The skills they need to have challenging conversations with their friends and grown ups.


*Office for National Statistics.

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Anti Bullying Workshops


Anti Bullying workshops

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We don’t use scare tactics.
Our workshops are suitable for the age of your students, with a positive approach.


anti bullying week workshops for schools

Your visit includes lesson plans, animations and PowerPoints making follow up easy for your teachers.


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Positive Choices for Life (Knife Crime Workshop & Assembly)

Positive Choices for Life Assembly

Start your day with the Positive Choices for Life Assembly, specifically designed for Upper KS2 and KS3 to take an early intervention strategy to Knife Crime Awareness, gang culture and positive relationships.

Using character monologues delivered by a professional performer and engaging animations your students will explore the key themes relating to knife crime.

The assembly provides the perfect starting point for an ongoing conversation about making positive choices for life, even when a situation might be challenging.

Your students will meet a character called Cameron and hear his story. Through completing a series of challenges, your students will show Cameron how to say no to peer pressure and access the support that he needs.

Positive Choices for Life Workshops

After the Assembly, students will then take part in individual class workshops where they will explore the themes raised in the main Assembly in more depth. This includes understanding the law around knife crime and how it’s never ok to carry a knife.

Through role-play, your students will then practice how we can say no to peer pressure in a clear, confident way.

Upper Key Stage 2 - Key Stage 3

Age Appropriate & Positive


All our facilitators hold Enhanced DBS checks.

Knife Crime Workshops

Upper Key Stage 2 - Key Stage 3

Age Appropriate & Positive


All our facilitators hold Enhanced DBS checks.

What will my students learn?

Your students will:

  • Take part in role-play activities to enhance their understanding of the character’s emotions and feelings.
  • Engage in practical skills to navigate peer pressure and challenging conversations.
  • Consolidate their understanding of knife crime and the law.
  • Be empowered with strategies to keep themselves and others safe.
  • Recognise the signs of a positive, respectful relationship.
  • Understand where to go for advice and support, with reference to specific support services.

The Details

  • Each Assembly is 45 minutes.
  • Each Workshop is 45-60 minutes to suit your timetable.
  • Assemblies cater for 120 students per session
  • Workshops cater for 30 students per session.
  • Workshops require a cleared space such as your school hall and use of a projector.

        Meet Cameron

        Cameron enjoys going to athletics, he has a few friends, but he never felt like he really fits in. One day, he hopes to become a professional athlete. 

        When Cameron meets Nathaniel and his friends, he thinks they are really cool, and he’s pleased to be part of their group.

        But over time, Cameron starts feeling peer pressured into making choices that he’s not comfortable with.

        In the Positive Choices Assembly and Workshops your students will help Cameron learn how to say no to peer pressure and access support.

        Knife Crime Workshops Schools

        Our Testimonials

        ‘I want to pass on my huge gratitude for the amazing workshops delivered over three days at Putney high school. The response was amazing.

        Your patience, delivery and professionalism shone through and there’s been so much positive feedback. You started a very important conversation in the school.’

        Putney High School


        ‘Our facilitator was absolutely amazing! Extremely interactive and engaging with the pupils. The session was very ‘active’ with short bursts of activities going on throughout, as well as crucial information being shared with the students. So, it was not boring and the pupils were not talked at for the whole hour!

        Our facilitator was also very confident, and her behaviour management was exceptional. She retained the pupil’s attention at all times and overall, it was an extremely successful session. I hope to work with your company again in the near future.‘

        Eden Girls Leadership Academy


        ‘The workshops helped make an important common issue in schools more relatable and engaging to students.

        It helps students to understand they have the power to stop bullying. The constant interaction and probing questions really challenged the students’ perceptions.

        You were charismatic and engaging from the first moment and you held the audience captive throughout.’

        Canons High School

        Edgware, London.

        ‘The facilitators had great knowledge and expertise, very up-to-date information, and were adaptable to our school needs. They had brilliant teaching strategies to engage children in listening/active learning/discussion.

        Positive and warm with the children, managed children well.
        It was all brilliant and staff, pupils and parents were all impressed and said how beneficial the sessions were – they really enjoyed the sessions and all learnt so much.

        Thank you for your flexibility, positivity and expertise. It was an excellent day and I’m sure we’ll rebook the show and/or workshops again in the future.’

        Manchester High School for Girls


        Get in touch…

        Get in touch here and a friendly and experienced member of our team will respond with the best options for your school.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Can I talk to someone before booking?

        Yes, we’re here to help create a fantastic event for your school.

        Call us on 0207 459 4473 and a friendly member of our team will talk through the best options for your school.

        How many presenters deliver the Knife Crime Workshops and Assembly?

        One presenter delivers the sessions.

        Is the Positive Choices for Life Knife Crime Assembly a Theatre Performance?

        The Positive Choices Knife Crime Assembly is an interactive assembly that is designed to be delivered to
        a large number of students at a time. It is not a theatre production.

        How do students need to sit?

        For the assembly, please sit students in Assembly Style Seating. This can be in a Theatre style Space, a Hall, or a Lecture Theatre.

        Please also avoid exam style seating, and no desks are needed.

        For the workshops, we usually set the seating in a horseshoe shape. This can be in a hall using standard benches or chairs.

        Are teachers involved?

        We will ask one teacher to introduce the Presenter. (This will be a short piece of
        text that is read from a script.) Your assistance with this is gratefully received.

        How do I arrange payment?

        To reserve your day, we will send you a simple booking form. Once this has been completed your date is booked in and secured for your school.

        There is no need to arrange payment in advance. Around two weeks ahead of the visit, we will send an invoice to the designated finance contact at your school.

        Payment is then due within 30 days from the day the invoice is sent.

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