Cancellations & Refunds Policy
Terms & Conditions

The Definitions:

OpenView Education refers to: OpenView Education Ltd, North London, United Kingdom.

The Client refers to: The Educational Establishment, person, group, or other body with whom or with which OpenView Education contracts with these terms.

Contract refers to: The contract that has been made, or will be made between the client and OpenView Education.

Performance refers to: Any presentation, performance, workshop, or service conducted by OpenView Educatio for the client.

Facilitator: The person providing the performance from OpenView Education.

How To Book:

1. An enquiry is made by the client with a proposed date(s), timings, and workshop(s) they are interested in. OpenView Education provide a quote for proposed work. (Please note this is not a contractual agreement and this quote does not obligate the client to OpenView Education.)

2. The client accepts the quote and confirms their date and times.

3. If OpenView Education choose to move forward with the booking, they send a booking form to the client with the final details, this must be signed and returned.

4. The Client returns the booking form, completed and e-signed, confirming their final details and that they agree to OpenView Education’s Terms and Conditions. By signing and returning the booking form, the client enters a contractual arrangement with OpenView Education, and this means the booking is now confirmed and the client is bound by these terms.

5. OpenView Education send an invoice to the client.

6. The client pays the invoice.

Full payment for all workshops must be paid for by the day before the contracted date of the workshop(s). Upon the client confirming their booking we will send over an invoice via e-mail. Please make payment as soon as possible.

Can I make a provisional booking?

Yes, you can make a provisional booking and we hold dates for 3 days. Once this time has passed, we will release the date for another school to book.


What is your cancellations policy?

In the event of a cancellation, or, the client requests to postpone their booking, there shall be no charge providing the cancellation takes place at least 90 working days before the confirmed date of the workshop delivery.

Within the 90 working day period the following charges shall apply:

In the event that the cancellation takes place less than 90 working days, but more than 60 working days before OpenView Education’s planned performance date, the client is liable to pay 50% of the full fee.

In the event that the cancellation takes place less than 60 working days, but more than 30 working days before OpenView Education’s planned performance date, the client is liable to pay 75% of the full fee.

In the event that the cancellation takes place less than 30 working days before OpenView Education’s planned performance date, the client is liable to pay the full amount of the full fee.

In the event of the client cancelling or requesting to postpone the planned performance date with OpenView Education, OpenView Education may choose to waive any of the above cancellation terms if an alternative date can be agreed for OpenView Education’s visit. This will be at OpenView Education’s discretion.

Where possible, OpenView Education will endeavour to offer an alternative performance date for the client, however, in the event that this is not possible, the above cancellation terms shall apply.

If for any reason OpenView Education need to cancel their planned workshop date with a client due to circumstances outside of their control, wherever possible OpenView Education would look to arrange an alternative date with the client. 

If the school has to close due to adverse weather conditions, OpenView Education will look to arrange a different date with the client.

If a reschedule date is agreed, the payment terms will be based upon the original date that the event was due to take place, so payment will be due in advance.

Invoices issued for rescheduled dates need to be paid within 30 days, irrespective of when the reschedule date is taking place.

Do you charge for updating our timetable or administrative changes?

No we don’t. We have a great planning team here who are on hand to assist you. We understand that sometimes things change on the lead up to the event.

Please communicate any timetable changes to OpenView Education in advance so that we can pass these on to the facilitator visiting your school and ensure your event runs smoothly.

Can I reschedule my day?

If a reschedule is requested, we endeavour to do whatever we can to accommodate this. However, during busy times, it may not always be possible to reschedule your event.

Once a school makes a booking with us, we allocate resources to delivering that day, and we do not allow that date to be booked by any other school, so we kindly ask wherever possible you stick to your original date.


Covid Policy:

Do you have covid secure measures?

Yes we do, we have many covid secure measures in place and have been running our performances and workshops safely with these measures since September 2020.  

You can read more about these measures here.


Will the facilitator take a Lateral Flow Test before they come to our school?

Absolutely – Our team are testing regularly. If you would like your facilitator to take a Lateral Flow Test the evening before they visit your school, please let us know and we can communicate this to them in advance.


Will you wear a face covering?

We follow the Government Guidance on face coverings and we also follow the school’s policies that we are visiting. Your facilitator can wear a face covering while moving around the building, and a face shield when delivering the sessions. Sessions are also delivered at a 2 metre distance wherever possible.


What is your covid cancellations policy?

If there are school closures, or if it specifically states in the Government Guidelines that essential school visitors cannot attend the school, we will reschedule your date or provide an alternative online provision that would work at the time.


We have a high amount of covid cases, can we cancel or reschedule our date?

Our sessions are being delivered in a safe and socially distanced way, so your event would go ahead as planned and a reschedule or cancellation would not be possible.

Our team are highly skilled and have been trained to the highest standards to deliver your event in a safe way.


If a client does not pay within the deadline, the client is obliged to pay the outstanding amount. In addition, a liability for interest on the outstanding amount accrues for every day payment is late. This can be claimed by a OpenView Education automatically and without reminder. The rate of this interest will be based on 8 percentage points above the Bank of England’s reference rate plus the fixed amount, depending on the size of the unpaid debt. You are responsible for ensuring that you pay OpenView Education on time. OpenView Education is not obliged to remind you that payment is outstanding in order to allow them to claim interest on the outstanding amount. 


OpenView Education reserves the right to make alterations and improvements to their performances as they see fit without consulting with, or giving notice to the client.


OpenView Education require a cleared, uninterrupted space for every performance. This will ideally be the school hall, but can also be a cleared classroom. The classroom must be cleared prior to OpenView Education’s visit to the client.

OpenView Education Facilitators are unable to move between rooms for each performance, and must be based in one cleared space for the entirety of their visit.

Free Parking for one standard car is a requirement, ideally a reserved space within the car park. If your establishment does not have a car park, and cannot reserve parking, OpenView Education must be made aware of this before a booking is made. The client is liable to pay any parking costs that an OpenView Education Facilitator may incur should parking not be provided, a separate invoice shall be issued for these costs.

All OpenView Education Facilitators arrive with a Theatre Set and therefore must travel by car. Public transport is not an option. If an OpenView Education Facilitator arrives at your establishment and there is no parking, they will have no choice but to leave the site. If your establishment does not have free parking, we need to be advised on where the next best place to park is.

Please note, OpenView Education Facilitators will not risk getting parking fines for clients. 

OpenView Education Facilitators will leave site immediately if they cannot securely park their vehicle and the client will be liable for the full fee.

A table and two chairs are required for each performance.

OpenView Education ensure their workshops are differentiated for each Year Group. Therefore each performance session must only contain one year group, unless agreed in writing prior to the performance date with OpenView Education.

Each workshop must contain no more than 35 students from the same year group unless othwise agreed.

Each show must contain no more than 300 students. 

OpenView Education has the right to terminate any workshop or show immediately that exceeds the maximum number of students. No refund will be issued if the client breaches these terms.


OpenView Education does not allow recordings to be made of any of their performances. Photographs may be taken, if these are agreed by OpenView Education, or an OpenView Education facilitator.


OpenView Education accepts no liability for loss or damage caused before, during, or after a performance. These damages that OpenView Education shall not be liable for include but are not limited to:
Economic losses, administrative or overhead charges, any claim made by another party towards OpenView Education, any damages that occur resulting in loss.


OpenView Education reserve the right to cancel an arrangement with a client if they feel as though their facilitator is under threat, will be or is poorly treated by the client, or if the client breaches the terms and conditions of this agreement. The cancellation terms above would apply if this were the case, and the client would be liable for the full fee.

If the event cannot go ahead due to restrictions on visits to a clients venue, OpenView Education reserves the right to provide the booked event via online delivery. This may be via live online video conference or pre-recoreded online medium.

If a client requests to make a changes or alteration to a booking, this may or may not be possible and is ultimately at the discretion of OpenView Education.

OpenView Education provide their services on an order by order basis, meaning that after one performance has been completed, OpenView Education are not bound to the client in a continuous relationship.


For orders made with OpenView Education for the provision of pre-recorded online lessons and resources the following terms and conditions apply.

  • OpenView Education has the right not to provide access to online resources after the agreed access period has ended.
  • If you wish to retain access to the online services after the access period has ended, this will incur additional charges that will be set by OpenView Education.
  • You are not buying rights to the online resources and videos and that this is the property of OpenView Education.
  • You agree that you will not share any of the videos or resources with any other organisations or institutions.
  • You agree that the online resources will not be used to promote your institution. This includes, but is not limited to: Print and digital media formats including print publications, websites, e-marketing, posters banners, advertising, film, social media, teaching and research purposes.
  • You agree that the online resources will be hosted solely by OpenView Education, and you will not re-recorded or re-distributed the online resources.
  • No filming or recordings shall be made of any of the online videos.
  • You agree that you cannot embed the online resources on theirs, or any website.
  • OpenView Education reserves the right to make alterations and improvements to the online resources as they see fit without.
  • OpenView Education accepts no liability for loss or damage caused before, during, or after the period in which you have access to the online resources. These damages that OpenView Education shall not be liable for include, but are not limited to: Economic losses, administrative or overhead charges, any claim made by another party towards the Producer, any damages that occur resulting in loss.
  • OpenView Education accepts no liability for loss or damage caused before, during, or after to any viewer’s device on which the online videos are viewed. This includes, but is not limited to, smartphones, smart TVs, laptops, tablets, desktop computers, or any other piece of technology on which the series may be viewed. Damage or loss could include, but is not limited to: Malware, viruses, loss of any information on the device, and any other damage or loss.
  • OpenView Education shall not be liable for any temporary drops in availability of content during the period of hosting the online resources.
  • In the event of you cancelling access to the online resources once this contract has been signed, they will remain liable for 100% of the fee.
  • OpenView Education reserves the right to grant access to the resources only once payment is made

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