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by | Jul 14, 2022

CEOP Education have a range of fantastic resources for students and young people of all ages. These resources can be used to support your delivery of online safety education in your school and help you move your students towards the learning outcomes in the Education for a Connected World framework. 

Here is an overview of some of the fantastic resources that are available.

Play Like Share Animated Series and Resources (Ages 8 – 10)

This fantastic animated series supports the PSHE Associations 10 Principles of effective PSHE Education. The resource aims to help 8 – 10 year olds to stay safe from exploitation and other risks online.

Access Play Like Share Animated Series and Resources Here.

Jessie and Friends: Online Safety Education (Ages 4 – 7)

Jessie and Friends is a three part animated series that aims to empower children aged 4 – 7 to stay safe online from sexual abuse and exploitation. The series has been awarded the PSHE Association Quality Mark. Each episode includes lesson plans along with guidance on delivery.

Access Jess and Friends Online Safety Education here.

Gaming: What parents and carers need to know

This resource looks at the key safety concerns around online gaming for parents and carers. It includes some useful action steps that can be taken along with outlining some of the potential risks. This resources could be useful to share with the parents and carers at your school.

Access Gaming: What parents and carers need to know here.

The Dark Web Explained

Research showed that many parents and carers didn’t feel equipped to speak with children and young people about the Dark Web.

The Dark Web Explained resources includes a short film, and a fact sheet for parents and carers. The resources aims to empower parents and carers to understand what the Dark Web is and learn why children and young people may want to access the Dark Web.

The resource is intended for professionals and parents and carers only. Addressing the topic of the Dark Web is only recommended if your child or young person is already accessing the Dark Web.

Access The Dark Web Explained resource here.

Respecting me, you, us: building healthy relationships and creating positive cultures (Ages 12 – 14)

This resources was created by CEOP Education in partnership with psychologist Dr. Elly Hanson. The resource is focused on helping students to identify healthy relationships and challenge unhealthy relationships and social norms. These learning outcomes aim to help protect children and young people from child on child abuse both online and offline.

The resource is divided into eight separate lessons that can be delivered as part of your Relationships and Sex Education curriculum. Five of the lessons also include a short film.

Access Respecting me, you, us resource here.

If you’re looking for further support on delivering online safety education in your school, you may be interested to know that OpenView Education visit schools throughout the year to provide online safety workshops and training for primary and secondary schools.

Our online safety workshops support the learning outcomes for Education for a Connected World while also being interactive and positive. And if you are looking for support to specifically address cyberbullying in your school, you may also be interested in our Anti-Bullying Workshops here.

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