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Anti-Bullying Resources Interactive Videos

Anti-Bullying Week is celebrated throughout November and is organised by The Anti-Bullying Alliance. We have created these interactive Anti-Bullying videos to support schools in teaching Anti-Bullying Topics. 

In these entertaining videos your students will meet the characters of Milly & Philip. These videos can be used to spark creative discussions with your class. They are a great way of introducing topics such as:

  • Choose Respect - Bullying as a behaviour choice.

  • Bullying vs Conflict - The difference between bullying & conflict.

  • Celebrating Difference - Learning why it's fun to have a friend who is different from us.

  • Peer Pressure - Understanding Bullying as a group behaviour. 

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Anti-Bullying KS1  

What Makes my Family Special

In this video we meet Milly and Philip.  We begin to think about how everyone comes from a different family. Your students can explore this idea by drawing a picture of their family and sharing it with their class. 

Anti-Bullying KS1  

Why It Is Fun to Have a Friend Who is Different From Me

In this video Milly talks about why it is fun to have a friend who is different from you.


Get your class to think about their friendships and what makes them special. Hear from Milly then discuss with your class.

Anti-Bullying KS2  

What Is Bullying?

In this video we learn why it is important that we understand what bullying is. We think about bullying as a behaviour choice and how we can always 'Choose Respect.'

Anti-Bullying KS2  

Conflict VS Bullying

In this video we learn about the difference between Conflict and Bullying. Listen to Philip's experience and decide with your class if you think this was conflict or bullying. 

Anti-Bullying KS2  

Peer Pressure

Listen to Milly's experience and decide as a class what she should do. 

Ask your students if they have experienced anything similar to Milly.

Thanks for watching. Remember to check out our Anti-Bullying Workshops and Shows for Primary Schools and our Internet Safety Workshops for Primary Schools. Our Workshops and Shows are available throughout the year. 


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