Anti-Bullying – Online Theatre Show

Bringing the magic of educational theatre to your school online.

Our Online Anti-Bullying Theatre Show, Time to Unite! follows the story of Milly and Philip. At the start of the story Milly and Philip are good friends, but when two new students arrive at the school things start to change.

The story explores how bullying can start and progress in a friendship group. This show is ideal for Primary schools looking for a special way to provide engaging education on Anti-Bullying.


Your students will learn:

  • What bullying is and how it can happen.
  • How we can speak up for ourselves in calm and assertive way if we see or experience bullying.
  • Why it’s important to include others and treat others with kindness at our school. 
  • The behaviours that we can take to make our school a better place. 

Why the Online Anti-Bullying Theatre Show is popular with schools:

Includes resources & lesson plans

Whole School & Excellent Value for Money

Perfect for Anti-Bullying Week

Easy to access: No need to login at a certain time.

Internet Safety Training
Anti Bullying Workshops
internet safety training

What people say:

‘The children loved the show, some of the words used to describe what the children saw were: wonderful, marvellous, fantastic, interesting. I could go on listing the children’s praise but I’d be here forever.’

St Paul’s with St Michael’s CE Primary School

Ms Murray

‘Well organised with a large amount of videos, activities and resources for year groups to complete. The package was easily accessible for teachers. Great communication from OpenView Education throughout.’

St. Paul's School

Mr Arnold

‘Well-targeted for the age groups. Interactive. Fun content – very engaging. Quality content. The Y5/6 girls loved the animations, graphics and music – they thought it was cool. Value for money.’

Manchester High School for Girls, Manchester

Ms Pritchard

‘The children enjoyed the sessions. For staff it was good to have the flexibility of when and where to show the sessions during their timetable i.e. different teachers fitting it in to suit their week. Thanks very much for the service you provided – communication was excellent throughout the whole process.’

Brandhall Primary School, Dudley

Mr Moore

What else is included?

When your school books the Online Anti-Bullying Show, you also receive access to high quality supporting resources, Anti-Bullying Animations and our Online Anti-Bullying Workshops.

3 x Anti-Bullying Animations:

anti bullying lesson plans

+ Lesson Plans, PowerPoints & Resources

Anti Bullying Lesson Plans

+ Online Press & Play Lessons

We provide Online Lessons for your whole school. Our Press & Play Lessons are high quality pre-recorded lesson that are easy to access and require minimal prep.

The lessons include performances from actors, animations and puppetry for younger students to bring learning to life for your students.

Banter or Bullying?

Online Press & Play Lesson

Key Stage 2 / Key Stage 3

Anti Bullying workshop ks2

A survey from the Anti-Bullying Alliance showed that students wanted the topic of ‘banter’ to be covered in lessons on Anti-Bullying.

That’s why we created this lesson: To allow teachers to easily provide an engaging lesson on the difference between banter and bullying. 

Your students will meet Sophie and hear her story.  Sophie shares her first hand experience of how banter can sometimes go too far and become bullying.

Your students will learn…

  • What the word banter means.
  • The definition of bullying with reference to a power imbalance.
  • How banter or a shared joke can go too far and become bullying.
  • What we can do to stop bullying from happening at our school.
  • How banter can become bullying in a message group and via online communication. 

Includes Lesson Plans & Resources.

Easy to Access: Anytime, as often as you like!

Kindness Through Storytelling

Online Press & Play Lesson

Early Years Foundation & Key Stage 1

Anti-Bullying Workshops eyfs ks1

Your students will take part in an interactive story and learn how we can show kindness towards others at our school.

Throughout the story your students take part in role-play activities to practice small acts of kindness that they can use every day at their school. 

Includes puppetry, animations and the lesson is delivered by a children’s theatre actor.

Your students will learn…

  • How we can speak up for ourselves in a calm and assertive way.
  • Why it’s important to include others and how we can do this.  
  • How we can show teamwork and kindness in our classroom. 

Includes Lesson Plans & Resources.

Easy to Access: Anytime, as often as you like!

Finding Your Courage

Online Press & Play Lesson

Key Stage 2 / Key Stage 3

Anti Bullying Lessons ks2

Your students will learn skills for effectively responding to conflict and bullying situations. 

The lesson includes an animated story that shows how bullying can start and develop within a friendship group.  The story emphasises the role of message groups and online communication in how bullying can progress.

Students will learn new skills that they can use to respond to bullying if they experience it, or if they see it from the position of a bystander. 

Your students will learn…

  • How changing our body language can dramatically change how we feel and how others respond to us.
  • A simple language pattern that we can use to resolve conflict situations. 
  • The definition of bullying with reference to a power imbalance. 

Includes Lesson Plans & Resources.

Easy to Access: Anytime, as often as you like!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I access the Online Press & Play Lessons?

Your school will receive a username, password and a link to a special login page.

You can then share this information with the other teachers at your school. They can then easily login and access everything easily. They can use everything as often as they like, whenever they like. Nice and simple.

What is a Press & Play Lesson?

An interactive, video led lesson.

The sessions are led by an experienced OpenView Education Facilitator, so they require minimal preparation from your teachers.

They include original filmed performances from actors, storytelling and animations. Every Press & Play Lesson comes with supporting resources and an easy to follow teacher guide.

The teacher guide provides your teacher with everything that they need to know to deliver the lesson.

Do you deliver in-school workshops?


We work with thousands of students and teachers in person every year with our internet safety workshops, training and performances.

Our workshops and trainings are covid secure. Send us a message here, and we’ll respond with the best options for your school. 

How do I pay for the Online Anti-Bullying Show & Lessons?

After you let us know which package you would like, we will send you a simple agreement.

Once this is completed, we will send you access to the program along with an invoice. The invoice is due net 30 and can be paid via BACS or cheque.

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