Uni Life Hacks

The induction event that gives students a flying start at University.

Uni Life Hacks is a polished presentation covering the essential induction information for first year university students.

It’s the perfect event to equip your students with the skills and resources they need to maintain positive mental health and wellbeing for their university journey.

Uni Life Hacks equips your students with the skills and knowledge that they need to thrive at University, while promoting your University Student Support Services. 

Topics Include


University Journey

Knowing what to expect on your university journey and normalising some of the concerns students may have.


Workshops for students

Strategies and skills for maintaining positive mental health and wellbeing.


Internet Safety Course

Students learn how, when and where to engage with your specific university student support services.


dealing with isolation

What consent is, how we can say no, and always asking first.


internet safety universities

Responding to online challenges and protecting our online reputation.

What People Say

Middlesex University Logo

‘OpenView Education are true to their mission – students at Middlesex University who attended the sessions bore testimony to OpenView’s claim – they truly do “equip students with the self-confidence and knowledge they need to stay safe and to live successful, happy lives.”

The Uni Life Hacks workshops were bespoke-built specifically to support students newly arriving to Middlesex University who chose to attend an aspirational taster day ahead of induction. This day was called “Getting Ahead” and was geared towards preparing students for the unique opportunities and challenges of studying at University.
Working with OpenView has been fun, productive and impactful. They listened carefully to the wishes and needs of the brief, checking back to be sure they have understood the context in which the workshops were to be delivered. They are highly professional in approach, and have great understanding of how best to engage students in exploratory and learning activities.’

Julie Crabb

Head of Student Support and Wellbeing, Middlesex University

How does it work?

uni life hacks one

Get in touch with us

You get in touch with us and we’ll talk through how the Uni Life Hacks can work at your university.  In this conversation we ask you what student support services you are looking to promote and what your outcomes are for your induction event. 

uni life hacks two

We create your bespoke presentation

Once we’ve gathered the information about your student services, this is added to the Uni Life Hacks Presentation, creating a bespoke presentation specifically for your University. 

Throughout the presentation, your student services will be referenced, ensuring students are shown how they can engage with these services. 

uni life hack three

You book a date, and we deliver your presentation

You let us know the date of your induction event and we secure the date for you. On the lead up to the event, we’ll be in touch to help you plan and promote Uni Life Hacks.

On the day, your Uni Life Hacks presenter arrives with everything they need to deliver an outstanding induction event for your student community. 

‘Thanks for inspiring me about dropping my fears. This session was fantastic. The speakers were amazing and gave us a lot of information to improve our health and how to be kept healthy in our mind.’

Student, Middlesex University

Why use Uni Life Hacks at your University?

Engaging Delivery

We know how to communicate with your students in a way that will get the message across. The Uni Life Hacks is exciting, fast paced and entertaining.


Promotes Positive Mental Health & Wellbeing

Uni Life Hacks equips your students with strategies for protecting their mental health and cultivating resilience.


Supports Your Induction Events

Uni Life Hacks can help you to welcome students to your university. It can provide first year students with the essential knowledge and resources they need to thrive.


Bespoke Content

Each Uni Life Hacks will include bespoke content created specifically for your university, this means we show your students and and where they can engage with your Universities student support services.

Your students will see how, when and where they can access the support that is available to them at your university.


Value for Money

Uni Life Hacks is fantastic value, we cater for thousands of students across one day.


Ongoing Support

We will help you with planning your event, providing marketing materials and continued support to ensure high levels of student engagement.