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Uni Life Hacks

The Ultimate Induction Event for First Year University Students

Uni Life Hacks is a polished presentation covering the essential induction information for first year university students.


Students will learn the skills and resources they need to maintain positive mental health and wellbeing for their university journey.

Uni Life Hacks provides a fresh new approach to promote a culture of positive mental health and wellbeing on your campus; it’s the perfect way to give your students the best start in their university journey.

The presentation is ideal as part of the induction week at your university. It can be delivered in a lecture theatre which allows Uni Life Hacks to reach thousands of students across one day.

Engaging Delivery

Uni Life Hacks is an exciting, engaging and high energy presentation. We use a range of techniques such as storytelling and performance, music, audience participation and original animations to ensure that the key messages have impact with your students. 


Topics include:

  • How to protect your mental health and wellbeing.

  • Meeting people and making friends. 

  • Dealing with the pressures of social media. 

  • Understanding the challenges of University life. 

  • Time management. 

  • Consent.


‘Informative, useful and very helpful. I will remember that networking and connecting with people is really important.’

- Student, Middlesex University, London. 

Bespoke Content

The content in the Uni Life Hacks presentation is tailored to your university, showing your students how, when and where they can engage with your specific university services.


Ongoing Support

We help plan and organise your event, providing marketing materials and continued support to ensure your day is a great success. 


Get In Touch

Get in touch on 07597 984841 or send an email to openvieweducation@gmail.com and an experienced and friendly member of our team will talk through how we can provide Uni Life Hacks for your students. 


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