Online E-Safety Lessons

Press & Play Lessons are high quality pre-recorded lessons that bring the magic of our interactive e-safety workshops to your school and students, in the classroom or at home. 

Message Groups & Cyberbullying (KS2/KS3)

Many schools experience challenges around how their students behave in message groups on WhatsApp.

It could start with an in-joke or banter that goes too far and becomes cyberbullying, or when students write messages in groups without really thinking about the further consequences of their actions.

That’s why we created Message Groups and Cyberbullying – Press & Play Lesson.

Your students will meet the character of Sophie and hear her story about how her friends start cyberbullying another student at her school in a message group.

Will Sophie join in? Or will she make the brave decision to play her part to stop cyberbullying from happening at her school?

Learning Outcomes (KS2/KS3)

Learning Outcomes:

  • I can give examples of how bullying behaviour could appear online.
  • I can identify ways of getting support if I see or experience cyberbullying.
  • I can describe how to capture bullying content as evidence (e.g screen-grab, URL, profile) to share with others who can help me.
  • I understand the psychological and emotional impacts of cyberbullying.
  • I understand how cyberbullying can start and progress in a message group.

The Internet Owl – Be Kind Online (EYFS/KS1)

Are you all sitting comfortably? Because it’s time to go on an exciting adventure into the Internet Jungle!

In this Press & Play Internet Safety Lesson, your students will go on an interactive journey with the Internet Owl, and help him to teach all the animals in the Internet Jungle how to be kind online. 

Toby Tiger is feeling upset about the unkind comments that his friends wrote on the picture he shared online. But do not fear! The Internet Owl swoops in to teach all the animals in the Internet jungle how they can be kind online. 

In this unforgettable e-safety story, your students will meet Toby Tiger, Cecilia Crocodile, Marshall Monkey and Helena Hippo. Throughout the story your students will be up on their feet taking part in the action and talking about the key learning points.

At the end of the story, your whole class can take part in creating Be Kind Online Posters, helping you all to remember the important lessons learned. 

Learning Outcomes for EYFS/KS1

  • I can talk about how anyone experiencing bullying can get help. 
  • I can describe how to behave online in ways that do not upset others and can give examples.
  • I can describe ways that some people can be unkind online. I can offer examples of how this can make others feel.

Why Press & Play Lessons are so popular with schools: 

  • They can be used as part of your school’s online learning provision. 
  • They are completely video led, so you can send them home for parents to use, or they can be streamed on Zoom or Microsoft Teams. 
  • You can access the Press & Play lessons anytime you like, as often as you like, from any device. So there’s no need to log in at a specific time. 

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Supports the UKCCIS 'Education for a Connected World' Learning Outcomes

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Easy to access. No need to login at a certain time, access anytime, as often as you like.

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