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Periods & Puberty KS2

This workshop will prepare students for the changes their bodies will go through in puberty before they experience any changes. We explore the topic in an engaging and enjoyable way.

We divide the boys and the girls into two groups. A male facilitator will lead the session with the boys and a female facilitator with the girls. This gives the students the best setting to express their opinions on the subject openly, and allows us to tailor each session more appropriately.

GIRLS: This session will focus on emotional and physical changes throughout the menstrual cycle, how to prepare and cope with your first period, we provide unbiased information on sanitary products: disposable and reusable, and we talk about their pros and cons. We encourage the students to have open discussions with their adults and carers before making decisions on which products they will use. We encourage students to speak up and ask for help if they need it.


BOYS: This session provides an understanding of the changes they will go through during puberty, including wet dreams, erections, voices breaking and growing body hair. We explain that these changes are completely normal.

We encourage students to speak up if they have any concerns and to ask for help if they need it. 


The boys will also learn what periods are. We explain the menstrual cycle, periods and encourage a supportive attitude.

'Teaching boys about periods would play a huge part in reducing the stigma and discomfort around menstruation - and would prevent girls from feeling ashamed of a natural bodily function.'

- Plan International UK

'Almost half (43%) of women felt unprepared and didn't know what to expect when their period started.' - Betty for schools 2017.

We give both groups the opportunity to ask questions anonymously with the Q & A Hat.

The content of the workshops is aimed at Key Stage 2 students and is best suited to Year 6 students.

Parent/Carer Sessions

It’s important that your students are able to have an open conversation about periods with their parent or carer. As a way of opening up that conversation we can also provide an after school parent/carer session. This allows the parents/carers to understand what the students have learnt during the workshop and gives them the opportunity to ask any questions they may have.

Please enquire for further information.

Topics Covered

  • Puberty for boys & girls: emotional & physical changes.

  • Preparing girls for their first period.

  • Sanitary products demonstration: The Pros and Cons.

  • Develop the confidence to speak up and ask for help.

  • Foster an attitude of understanding and support.

What We Provide

  • Two Facilitators: Male & Female

  • Lesson Plans for before and after the workshop.

  • Original Content

  • Music

  • Props

  • Two sessions being ran simultaneously: up to 35 Students in each session.

  • Each session 45 - 60 minutes to suit your timetable.


  • We aim to provide fantastic value for the schools we work with. Prices start from as little as £3.20 per student. Please get in touch for bookings or for more information.

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