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Our Story


Laura says: “I experienced heavy bullying at School, this was to do with having Alopecia Totalis, a medical condition which caused my hair to fall out at the age of one. I wore a wig to School and experienced name calling and physical bullying. 


I was lucky to have a family who did everything they could to support me. They stood up for me and always reported everything I told them. The more we spoke up, the more people listened and the better it got. With this encouragement, I started to stand up for myself and my life got better.

I found School challenging, but I carried on, worked hard, and went on to study at the University of my choice.


I started OpenView Education alongside James because we both share a similar vision: a world where people deserve to feel good about themselves no matter what they look like or who they are.


Drawing on our experience as professional performers we created interactive workshops that would help young people to feel empowered and confident, to understand themselves and their environment, enabling them to live healthy and happy lives."


James says: “During my schooling I struggled with Dyslexia. I remember challenging incidents of being bullied and being excluded by the other students in my class. I found learning to read and write incredibly difficult. 


With the tenacity of my family and many brilliant teachers along my path, I overcame these challenges. I have since gone on to develop a love of reading and writing and have studied to Master level. 


In overcoming this personal adversity, I developed a strong belief that young students are able to overcome seemingly unsurmountable challenges.



With innovative teaching and the right strategies, I believe we can build a generation of students equipped with self-knowledge, self-confidence and the ability to speak up for themselves and others.”

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable students to reach their potential and to live healthy, happy lives.


We are committed to:

  • creating a culture that celebrates difference in our schools.

  • providing students with balanced and unbiased information.

  • empowering students people to make better, more informed choices.

  • giving students the skills and strategies they need to live healthy and happy lives.

  • supporting teachers and schools  in their delivery of the PSHE and Relationships Education (RSE) curriculum and to provide them with fantastic resources and assist them in cultivating confidence in delivering the subject.

  • encouraging and supporting families to have open conversations with their children.


Through an open dialogue we aim to create a generation of young people who are well prepared for the changes they will experience as they grow up, and to prepare them to live safely in our world today.

Why OpenView?

We take an OpenView towards the content of our workshops. We cover all the information and don’t skip any details.

We take an OpenView towards diversity. We cultivate an accepting and non-judgemental attitude in our sessions.

We have an OpenView towards our approach. We are always learning and on the lookout for new and better ways to do things.

We have an OpenView towards the wider community our schools are part of. We encourage active participation from parents and carers and involve them in our delivery of PSHE & RSE.

Why Relationship and Sex Education?

Studies show young people would be helped by better PSHE and Relationships and Sex Education (RSE).

'Sex and Relationship Education Guidance' (2000) states students should be taught about the changes that happen in puberty before they experience any changes.


However, results from a recent survey completed by Betty for schools show that almost half (47%) of women aged sixteen and upwards felt unprepared and didn’t know what to expect when they had their first period.

This is one of many examples of there being greater need for more detailed Relationships and Sex Education in Primary and Secondary Schools. However, there are numerous other topics such as internet safety for students, anti-bullying and puberty education that also need more attention. 


OpenView Education was created to have a massive impact in creating outstanding RSE throughout the UK.

We do this by assisting schools and teachers in two ways.

We believe humour and creativity are essential ingredients to effective delivery.  That’s why all our sessions draw on our years of experience in both Education and Entertainment.

All of our facilitators are captivating and engaging. Our sessions are interactive, fun and powerfully informative.

Thank you for reading about us. To find out more about our workshops or to book a session with us, please click here.