Mindfulness Poster for Schools – My Five Senses

by | Mar 31, 2022

The aim of the My Five Senses mindfulness poster and activity below is to help your students become more conscious of their five senses. This activity can be done with your students at the start of the day as a way to increase focus before starting work. Before going through the activity below, make sure you students are sitting comfortably, then guide them through each of the steps. You can access further guidance on introducing mindfulness into the classroom here.

Once you’ve done this activity, the My Five Senses Poster mindfulness poster can then be displayed to remind students to bring mindfulness into their day to day lives through their different senses.

My Five Senses Activity:

Notice five things you can see

Take a look around the room, see if you can notice five things that you wouldn’t normally pay attention to. This could be a shadow, or the different colours you can see in the room.

Notice four things you can feel

Notice three things you can feel at the moment. This noticing how it feels to be sitting in your chair, or the feeling of your feet on the floor. Or even noticing how it feels to breath in and out.

Notice three thing you can hear

Listen to the sounds in the room, see if you can notice three different sounds. This could be the sound of someone walking by in the corridor, the sound of a ticking clock or the sound of a car outside.

Notice two things you can smell

Usually we don’t pay attention to what we can smell. See if you can notice two things that you can smell. Breath in through your nose, and pay attention to your sense of smell.

Notice one thing you can taste

The next time you are eating lunch, notice the taste and texture of what you are eating. See if you can notice one tastes in what you are eating.

My Five Senses Poster:

If you’re looking for a fun way to introduce mindfulness to your students, check out our mental health and wellbeing workshops for school. These workshops are underpinned by the 5 Ways to Wellbeing and they are delivered through drama.

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