Knife Crime Awareness Week Poster

by | May 10, 2024

Knife Crime Awareness Week is taking place from Monday 20th May – Sunday 26th May 2024. Organised by The Ben Kinsella Trust, the week aims to bring awareness to the impacts of knife crime on families and communities.

It is vital that young people have a foundational knowledge of personal safety, which can then be linked to more specific issues, such as knife crime.

We have created this poster, specifically to support knife crime awareness week, and encourage all young people to: Think SAFE.

Download this Knife Crime Awareness Week Poster Here


This Knife Crime Awareness Week: Think SAFE.

S: Speak up

Speak up about any worries you have with a trusted adult. If you find it hard to talk about your worries, take a friend with you who could help.


Message for Young People: Are you worried about plans that are being made amongst friends? Has someone said or done something that you feel worried about? Speak with a trusted adult and they can help you. Always speak with a trusted adult about any plans you make, and make sure they always know where you are.

Message for educators, parents and carers: A lot of young people are reluctant to speak up because they are worried about ‘being a snitch’. Regularly let young people know that sometimes making the right choice feels really hard and isn’t always easy. But speaking up is part of protecting our friends, and helping them if they are making challenging choices. Make sure young people are listened to without judgement, shock, or heightened emotions.


A: Ask for Advice.

If you’re not sure about something: Ask for advice from a Parent/carer, teacher or Childline.

Message for Young People: Are you being asked to do something that makes you uncomfortable? Is there something that doesn’t feel right? Everyone needs advice sometimes. You’re not by yourself and help is available. Speak to a trusted adult or contact Childline. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Message for educators, parents and carers: If a young person comes to you for advice, listen openly. Don’t ask leading questions such as: ‘Did that make you feel upset?’, ask open questions such as: ‘Is there anything else you’d like to share with me?’ Let the young person know that they did the right thing coming to speak with you. Make a log of everything you have heard, and get support if needed.


F: Friendships

Friendships should be positive, caring and respectful. Friends should be there to support each other and respect each other.

Message for Young People: Your friends should be there to support you, and friendships should make us feel positive and happy. A certain amount of conflict in any friendship can be normal, and disagreements do happen even with really close friends. But if you feel like your friends might be making you uncomfortable, or they’re taking part in an unsafe situation and asking you to do the same, this is not something a friend should do. Speak to an adult you trust straight away and get some support.

Message for Educators, parents and carers: Regularly check in with young people about their friendships and feelings. Help them to effectively manage conflict with their friends, and understand their emotions. Discuss healthy relationships and boundaries, and that they can always speak to an adult they trust if they need help, no matter what the problem is.


E: Environment

Everyone has the right to a safe environment.

Message for Young People: If you’re out with friends, or in an environment that seemed positive, but now may not be safe, ask for help. Make plans with your trusted adult in advance so you know what to do if you need help.

Message for Educators, parents and carers: Speak with your young people in advance about what they can do if they ever feel unsafe in a range of situations. Come up with plans in advance of different action steps that could be taken. Remind them that you are there to support them if they ever need help.


This Knife Crime Awareness Week, encourage young people to THINK: SAFE. The Ben Kinsella Trust has lots of resources available for Parents/Carers, Educators, and young people on this topic.

OpenView Education’s mission is to empower students to live successful, happy lives. As part of this mission and to raise awareness about this topic we’re delivering interactive knife crime awareness workshops to primary and secondary schools.

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