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Internet Safety Workshops And Training

Bespoke E-Safety Training That Makes a Difference.

Our Internet Safety Workshops will provide you with peace of mind that your school community will be getting the most up to date and relevant Internet Safety training.


All workshops are delivered by a highly experienced facilitator who is also a CEOP Ambassador (Child Exploitation and Online Protection).

We tailor the content of our internet safety workshops to address your priorities for internet safety. This means we can address the internet safety topics that matter most to you and your school community.

We offer internet safety workshops for students, parent workshops,

staff training and internet safety theatre performances.


We provide Lesson Plans, Resources, PowerPoints and Interactive Videos to support our visit, so your teachers will have a structured plan for delivering a relevant internet safety curriculum. These resources are also the perfect way to create context for our visit and allow your students to practice what they have learnt during our visit.

   We Provide...

  • Bespoke Content Tailored for Your School

  • CEOP Ambassadors

  • Interactive & inclusive 

  • Whole School Approach

  • Excellent Value

  • Lesson Plans Included

  • Easy & Flexible Booking

What schools say...

'I have nothing but excellent things to say about our day with OpenView.  The children are STILL buzzing about it and they all enjoyed the day – One even announced that it was the ‘Best show ever.

The workshops were brilliant and were all incredibly impressed by your knowledge and skills as well as your ability to manage the behaviour of the children.'  

 Bonneville Primary School, Lambeth.

'OpenView Education have delivered a number of amazing, innovative workshops in our school. The children were totally engaged throughout and thoroughly enjoyed the sessions.
The facilitators are professional, friendly and great with the children. They deliver sensitive subjects in an informative and entertaining manner for both pupils and staff.
We have re-booked and would definitely recommend this company.' 

Bishop Winnington-Ingram School, Ruislip.

 ‘Teachers were very complementary of the show and workshops! Kids were very engaged and our facilitator was clearly very passionate about the subject.


All the children have remembered the key things that were said and I keep saying to them "Remember what OpenView taught us!" Thank you very much for visiting us!’

Rabbsfarm Primary School,

West Drayton.

'The show covered a broad range of messages in an engaging way – loved the combination of puppets, video and interactive elements. The workshops were also excellent – Lively, engaging, fun and interactive; also very age appropriate and fully up to date with the latest online trends.

The lesson plans were excellent – the use of real-life examples and practical tips made it especially relevant in bringing e-safety to life.'

Rowan Preparatory School, Claygate.

Kick off the day with our exciting Internet Safety Show for Primary Schools, this is a great way to make our visit a Whole School experience. 

'The Ultimate E-Safety Show' is a fun and engaging way of exploring the essential internet safety topics as a whole school. It is a powerful way to get students thinking about and discussing internet safety.  It is also a great way to kick start your day of interactive internet safety workshops.

Internet Safety Show

'The Ultimate E-Safety Show' (EYFS - KS2)


We Provide:

  • One Professional Performer

  • Puppetry with Living Puppets

  • Theatre Set

  • Original Animations

  • Original Music Soundtrack

  • Audience Participation

  • Caters for a maximum of 300 students

  • Supporting Resources & Lesson Plans

Topics Covered:


  • SCREEN TIME: Ensuring that the time we spend online is also balanced with other aspects of our life. We help students to identify when they might be spending too much time online and what they can do.

  • THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK: Identifying whether or not online content is trustworthy and encouraging critical thinking online. We specifically highlight pop-ups, chain-mail and spotting fake news stories.

  • CHATTING SAFELY ONLINE: Developing critical thinking around communicating online. The risks of accepting messages, files, downloads or pictures online.

  • CYBERBULLYING: We use specific examples of WhatsApp groups and unkind comments in online games. Students will learn what we can do if we ever see or experience cyberbullying.

Internet Safety Workshops (KS2/KS3):


The Internet Safety Workshops for KS2/KS3 students are fun, interactive and engaging. Drawing on recent online trends, these workshops are relevant & relatable.

Your students will take part in interactive challenges to explore these topics in more detail.

All of the topics in this workshop are taught through real life examples and situations. Your performer will vividly bring these situations to life. This creates an engaging and high impact e-safety workshop for your primary students or as part of your secondary school drop down day.

Topics Covered

  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Showing importance of privacy settings and understanding the difference between public and private posting. Showing how excessive use can negatively impact our mental health and how we can respond to this.

  • ONLINE GAMES: Understanding how online games can be addictive and how we can manage screen time. How excessive gaming can negatively impact our online behaviour.

  • ONLINE REPUTATION: What we do online can impact our online reputation. Encouraging critical thinking around our online behaviour and providing strategies to protect our online reputation.

  • SHARING IMAGES: Being mindful about what we share online, how to respond to a request for an image of ourselves and the importance of privacy settings.

  • CYBERBULLYING: Exploring the motivations behind cyberbullying and how easy it can be to become involved, and how we can respond. 

  • PERSONAL INFORMATION: Understanding how our personal information is used by social media companies. Encouraging critical thinking around keeping personal information safe.

  • STRANGERS ONLINE: Encouraging critical thinking, and digital resilience when we are communicating online. How we can end a conversation if we are uncomfortable.

Internet Safety Workshops (EYFS/KS1):

Our Internet Safety Workshop for EYFS & KS1 students will take you on an engaging adventure with Milly and Philip, and help your students learn about internet safety in a fun and interactive way.


Your students will learn skills to become good digital citizens in an engaging and age appropriate way.


Topics Covered

  • PERSONAL INFORMATION: Learning what personal information is and why it’s important to keep it private.​

  • BE KIND ONLINE: Why it’s important to be kind online, and how unkind comments online can still hurt other people's feelings.​

  • STRANGERS ONLINE: How people can pretend to be someone they’re not when using the internet, and to think carefully when we communicate online.

  • UPSETTING CONTENT ONLINE: Your students learn to speak up about anything they find online that makes them feel scared or upset. 

  • USING A SECURE PASSWORD: Learning the difference between a strong password and a weak password, and how to create good passwords.

Important Information...

  • Workshops cater for 30 students per session.

  • Each Workshop is 45-60 minutes to suit your timetable.

  • Performances cater for up to 300 students.

  • Performances are 45 minutes.

Want to get the parents involved?

Parent and Carer Twilight Session


This engaging presentation will equip parents and carers with easy to apply strategies for keeping their children safe while using the internet at home. We provide an overview of the most recent risks and challenges young people are currently experiencing online, and provide access to the best internet safety resources available for parents & carers.

Topics Covered








We Provide

  • CEOP Ambassador.

  • 1 Hour Session.

  • PowerPoint Presentation with videos.

  • Caters for up to 200 Parents and Carers.

  • Internet Safety E-Pack for all attendees.  

  • Session must finish by 7:30pm


Internet Safety staff Training

We offer Internet Safety training for Teachers, Governors and any professionals who work with young people. We can tailor the content of this session to focus on the topics that you feel are most pertinent to your attendees.


Topics Covered

  • Recent research & best practice for internet safety education.

  • Internet safety concerns that commonly impact school communities and how we can respond. 

  • Apps and platforms that young people are currently using, and potential challenges they pose. 

  • Protecting our online reputation and strategies for doing this. 

  • Resources currently available for teaching students about internet safety. 

  • Child exploitation: Understanding the risks and how we can respond.

  • Parents' Concerns: Managing the conversation and useful resources to refer parents and carers to. 

This is an interactive session with opportunity for discussion and Q & A. The session is two hours, allowing it to be run as a twilight session, or as part of an INSET day.


Prices start from £225. Get in touch for a quote today.

T: 07597 984841

E: openvieweducation@gmail.com