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Internet Safety Videos

These interactive internet safety videos are a great way of starting a discussion on a range of internet safety topics. These videos have been created to use in the classroom or for parents, who want to start a conversation about internet safety with their children.

Internet Safety KS2/KS3  

What Is Their Online Reputation Like?

Watch each scenario and discuss with your students. 

  • What are these character online reputations like?

  • What could they do differently to create a positive online reputation?

Internet Safety EYFS/KS1  

Making Good Online Choices

Watch each scene with your students and discuss:

  • How could these characters make better online choices?

  • What will happen as a result of these choices?

Internet Safety KS1  

Exploring Online

In this video we meet Milly and start a discussion about what we use the internet for.

Internet Safety KS1/KS2  

Critical Thinking

In this video we hear how Philip accidentally made in App purchases while playing on his Mum's tablet. We learn how we can apply critical thinking before we make online choices.

Internet Safety KS2  

A Healthy Balance (Screen Time)

In this video we hear about Milly's experience playing online games. We learn how playing games can impact our feelings and our mental health. 

We start a discussion on how we know when we have been playing games for too long, and how we make sure we stop at the right time.

We'd love to hear if you enjoyed these interactive internet safety videos. Let us know at @openviewed on Twitter.


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