Internet Safety Training for Parents

Online internet safety training to help you keep children safe online.

About the course

This engaging and interactive online internet safety training provides you with the most up to date, essential information to help you understand online risks for young people along with clear action steps that you can take to keep young people safe online.

This course is for parents, teachers and any professionals working with young people.


£30 per person


4 Hours



Benefits of this course


Videos and voiceovers for an engaging learning experience.


Complete at your own pace, whereever and whenever you like.


Our team is on hand to help with any questions you may have. 


Content is regularly updated to include new legislation and current online trends.


On completion of the course you receive a personalised certficate to download.

Course Content

Online Games

  • Understanding the risks of the current most popular online games.
  • Understanding PEGI Ratings.
  • How to apply safety features on games. 
  • Resources and action steps.

Social Media

  • Overview of the most popular social media platforms and the associated risks. 
  • Age restrictions and terms and conditions of social media. 
  • Privacy settings and parental controls for social media. 
  • Starting a conversation about social media. 
  • Resources and action steps

Strangers Online & Child Exploitation

  • Understanding the risk represented from online grooming. 
  • The strategies and tactics used by offenders. 
  • Identifying the ‘Red Flags’ that young people can look out for. 
  • How to start a conversation and encourage digital resilience. 
  • CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command) and the IWF (Internet Watch Foundation): Understanding how and when to use these services.

Parental Controls

  • Overview of the free, and paid for parental control software. 
  • How to set parental controls on Smart TVs and consoles. 
  • Setting privacy settings on apps young people may be using. 
  • How to begin using parental controls, importance of an open conversation.


  • How and where cyberbullying takes place. 
  • The prevalence of cyberbullying and its impacts. 
  • Strategies for responding to and preventing cyberbullying.

Sharing Images & Sexting

  • Understanding the prevalence of sharing nude images among young people. 
  • Why do young people share nude selfies? Culture and motivations for young people in sharing nude selfies.
  • Starting a conversation about sharing nude selfies at the right time. 
  • Actions steps and resources.

Online Agreement

  • How you can take action to start making changes now. 
  • How to start a conversation about internet safety and address your concerns.

What people say

‘Very thorough and, for me, chose exactly the right content to focus on, whist giving a general overview. There was a lot of really helpful advice and information. The main thing I took away was to approach ‘the internet’ with less negativity and to concentrate on the positive aspects it has for children.’

Parent, Chesterton C of E Primary School.

‘Thank you for helping me to open up the conversation with my daughter. It halved my job as a mother.’

Parent, Bishop Winnington-Ingram C of E Primary School.

Further details

Who is this course for?

This course is for parents, carers and any professionals that work with young people who want to help keep young people they work with safe online.

It is also ideal for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge of internet safety for young people.

Why train with OpenView Education?

At OpenView Education we work with thousands of students every year through our live internet safety training sessions and shows. We combine expertise in internet safety with theatre and drama to provide an engaging and memorable style of delivery. 

The opportunity to work face to face with parents, teachers and students nationwide puts us in a unique opportunity to understand the real life challenges that the internet can represent for families, teachers and young people. 

That’s why our online internet safety course focuses on the most important information that you need right now as a teacher, parent or professional who works with young people. 

Along with providing you a thorough understanding of the most popular social media platforms, games and apps and their associated risks, we also set out clear action steps that you can take right now to keep children safe online. These simple steps, along with your improved understanding will immediately make your school, home or organisation a safer online space for children.

Technical requirements

The course can be completed on PC, Mac or a tablet. We recommend using a browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Safari to complete the course.

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