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Are you looking for whole school e-safety training that’s excellent value?

Our approach to internet safety training is positive, interactive and unique.  We provide online E-Safety training that is brought to life with performances, puppetry, storytelling and animations.

We have high quality video lessons for students in Early Years, KS1, KS2 and KS3.  You can also include your whole school community through our online internet safety training for parents, carers and teachers.

Our work supports the learning outcomes in the Education for a Connected World framework.  All of our video lessons and trainings are delivered by CEOP Ambassadors, professional actors and facilitators. 

Our video lessons and online trainings are available all year round, they can be accessed on any device, as often as you like, wherever you like, making them ideal for remote learning in school or from home.

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‘I would really like to stress how excellent our facilitator was. They had a professional, informative and sensitive manner whilst leading the parent talk.’  

– Ms. McKenzie-Arday, Computing Lead, Shaftesbury Park Primary School


e safety lessons

Enriches your school’s online learning provisions, you can easily send to parents for home learning.


e safety training

No need to login at a certain time, access the program as often as you want, whenever you want.


internet safety training

Our online programs are for students of all ages, ensuring your whole school can take part.


internet safety training schools

We understand value for money is important for schools. We offer affordable whole school packages.


internet safety workshops

Scenes and stories performed by actors for an engaging and interactive online  learning experience.

Internet Safety Training
internet safety training
internet safety training

Message Groups & Cyberbullying 

Press & Play Lesson

Key Stage 2 & 3

Many schools experience challenges around how their students behave in message groups on WhatsApp. 

It could start with an in-joke or banter that goes too far and becomes cyberbullying, or when students write messages in groups without really thinking about the further consequences of their actions. 

That’s why we created Message Groups and Cyberbullying – Press & Play Lesson.

Your students will meet the character of Sophie and hear her story about how her friends start cyberbullying another student at her school in a message group.

Will Sophie join in? Or will she make the brave decision to play her part to stop cyberbullying from happening at her school?

This video led lesson includes monologues performed by actors to bring the learning to life for your students. 

Learning Outcomes

  • I can give examples of how bullying behaviour could appear online.


  • I can identify ways of getting support if I see or experience cyberbullying.


  • I can describe how to capture bullying content as evidence (e.g screen-grab, URL, profile) to share with others who can help me.


  • I understand the psychological and emotional impacts of cyberbullying.


  • How cyberbullying can start and progress in a message group.

Supports the UKCCIS 'Education for a Connected World' Learning Outcomes

Includes supporting resources & lesson plans

Easy to access. No need to login at a certain time, access anytime, as often as you like.

Perfect for Safer Internet Day

‘I have had lots of positive feedback from staff and pupils. In particular a Year 6 child has told me that she used to have 78 whatsapp group with over 1000 messages and she has cut that back to 2 groups! A definite success story.’

  – E-Safety Lead, Primary School,  Greater London

The Internet Owl – Be Kind Online

Press & Play Lesson

Early Years Foundation & Key Stage 1

Are you all sitting comfortably? Because it’s time to go on an exciting adventure into the Internet Jungle!

In this Press & Play Internet Safety Lesson, your students will go on an interactive journey with the Internet Owl, and help him to teach all the animals in the Internet Jungle how to be kind online. 

Toby Tiger is feeling upset about the unkind comments that his friends wrote on the picture he shared online. But do not fear! The Internet Owl swoops in to teach all the animals in the Internet jungle how they can be kind online. 

In this unforgettable e-safety story, your students will meet Toby Tiger, Cecilia Crocodile, Marshall Monkey and Helena Hippo. Throughout the story your students will be up on their feet taking part in the action and talking about the key learning points.

At the end of the story, your whole class can take part in creating Be Kind Online Posters, helping you all to remember the important lessons learned. 

Learning outcomes: 

  • I can talk about how anyone experiencing bullying can get help. 


  • I can describe how to behave online in ways that do not upset others and can give examples.


  • I can describe ways that some people can be unkind online. I can offer examples of how this can make others feel.

Supports the UKCCIS 'Education for a Connected World' Learning Outcomes

Includes supporting resources & lesson plans

Easy to access. No need to login at a certain time, access anytime, as often as you like.

Perfect for Safer Internet Day

Parent / Carer Internet Safety Training:

Internet Safety Now

Internet Safety Now is an engaging and supportive online internet safety training session that will equip parents and carers with the confidence and practical strategies they need to to keep their children safe online.

Parents will gain an understanding of current online trends and the challenges that young people may be experiencing online. They will gain access to the most up to date resources and understand how they can use these.

You will receive access for your whole parent / carer community, allowing them to login and access the training easily at a time that works for them. 

Topics Include: 


  • Online Games & PEGI Ratings
  • Parental Controls
  • Social Media
  • Online Behaviour
  • Communicating Online
  • Family Agreement

Includes eBook 'Keeping Children Safe Online'

Includes access for all the parents & carers at your school.

Internet Safety training for teachers, Governors and school staff:

Internet Safety In Action

Internet Safety is a topic that evolves constantly, so regular training is vital to provide your staff with the confidence and resources they need to deliver effective internet safety education and to effectively safeguard students. 

Internet Safety In Action is an engaging internet safety training session with practical action steps that your staff can take to improve their professional practice around internet safety education and safeguarding. It will get your whole team up to date and on the same page. 

Includes staff training ePack


Designed in line with 'Keeping Children Safe Online' 2020 policy

Whats covered in the training?

Topics Include

  • Effective Internet Safety Education: How we can embed internet safety education in our school and understanding recent government legislation. 


  • Challenges Facing Schools: Internet safety concerns that commonly impact school communities and how we can respond. 


  • Current Online Trends: Apps and platforms that young people are currently using, and the potential risks they pose. 


  • Online Reputation: How to protect our online reputation as professionals working with young people.  


  • Resources and Tools: An update and overview of what’s available and how we can access it. 


  • Child Exploitation: Understanding the risks children face online and how we can respond.

What People Say…

‘Covered a broad range of messages in an engaging way – loved the combination of puppets, video and interactive elements. The workshops were also excellent – Lively, engaging, fun and interactive; also very age-appropriate and fully up to date with the latest online trends.

The lesson plans were excellent – the use of real-life examples and practical tips made it especially relevant in bringing e-safety to life.’

Rowan Preparatory School, Claygate

Mrs. Blair, Year 5 & 6 Phase Leader

‘OpenView Education were very thorough and, for me, chose exactly the right content to focus on, whist giving a general overview. There was a lot of really helpful advice and information. The main thing I took away was to approach ‘the internet’ with less negativity and to concentrate on the positive aspects it has for children.’
Chesterton C of E Primary School


‘I would really like to stress how excellent our facilitator was. They had a professional, informative and sensitive manner with the parents whilst leading the parent talk.  

The individual workshops with our students were excellent and pitched perfectly to each age group.

Finally I would like to commend OpenView Education on their ability to engage over 250 students in an eSafety assembly. The use of drama and enthusiasm meant that the children really learnt from the assembly, this will  safeguard the children if faced with an eSafety problem.’

Shaftesbury Park Primary School, Wandsworth

Ms. McKenzie-Arday, Computing Lead

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Frequently Asked Questions…

How do I access the Online Press & Play Lessons?

The Press & Play Lessons, Parent / Carer and Staff Training are pre-recorded video led sessions.

Just let us know which package you would like to go for, we will send you a username, password and login link. These details can then be shared within your school community.

You can then login to the members area on our website, from there you can then access everything quickly and easily.

Can you provide internet safety training in person?

Yes, we provide internet safety training for thousands of students, teachers and parents in person every year.

Get in touch with us here, and we will respond with how we can visit your school to provide internet safety training.

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