Internet Safety Lesson Plans & PowerPoints

Reception – Year 3

Lesson Plan Pack: Rec – Year 3

2 x Lessons: It’s Your Choice & My Online Promise

PowerPoint: Rec – Year 3

Lesson 1: It’s Your Choice.

PowerPoint: Rec – Year 3

Lesson 2: My Online Promise

Year 4 – Year 6

Lesson Plan Pack: Year 4 – Year 6

2 x Plans: What I’m Like Online & My Online Pledge

Year 4 – 6 Lesson 1 PowerPoint

(What I’m Like Online)

Year 4 -6 Lesson 2 PowerPoint

(My Online Pledge)

Info for Parents & Carers

Do you want to inform parents about the work we are doing with your student? You can send this letter out to provide them with details about the topics we are covering in the sessions.

Poster for Parent/Carer Session:

Internet Safety Now
This poster can be put up around your school to advertise the Parent & Carer Session. Print the poster and write the date and time of your event. This can also be used as a flyer to hand to parents and carers.

Letter for Parent/Carer Session.

This letter can be used to send to parents and carers to inform them of the Parent & Carer Internet Safety Session. It contains the summary of the topics covered during the session.

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