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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make your shows so engaging for the whole school?

Our show works on multiple levels to engage students from different year groups. Our performances are highly visual, with high energy, movement and music. The comedic elements of the show are often physical. These aspects allow the show to be relevant to the entire school, while ensuring that Reception and Year 1 are entertained and can relate to the performance.

Our shows focus on conveying key messages in an accessible way. These messages are something that the entire school can relate to, understand, and apply in their behaviour.

The language and performance of the show is created to be engaging and relevant for Year 6 students. We speak to them on their level and cover content that will be specifically relevant for the older year groups at your school.

We believe it's important for everyone at your school to have a shared experience through our visit. We also endorse the ‘Whole School Approach’ when it comes to Anti-Bullying, E-Safety and Relationships Education. This is why we have created our shows specifically to be engaging and relevant for the entire school.

How do years 5 and 6 respond to your shows?

From feedback taken directly from Year 6 students, we know that Upper KS2 students enjoy the puppets we use in our shows and workshops.  The style of performance with the puppets is relevant and age appropriate for Year 6 students.

Click here to read testimonials directly from Year 5 and Year 6 Students.


What is Veil Poi?

Poi is a small weight secured to the end of a chord. Veil poi is when a veil is attached to the weight. As the performer moves the veil poi through the air, it creates an impressive visual effect. Poi performance is sometimes described as a circus skill. It originates from a traditional Maori and Hawaiian practice.

How are your shows performed?

The show is very high energy and requires non-stop focus from the performer. We use multi-roling, puppetry and movement to create the performance with one performer. We are incredibly lucky to have the team we do. The show is extensively rehearsed and developed before it is taken out to be performed in schools.

What do you need from us?

For the show we require a space large enough to cater for 300 students and a performance area of 140cm by 180cm. We need one standard table and two chairs.

For the workshops we need a large clear space with one table and two chairs. This is a requirement for our shows and workshops.

Do you require a whiteboard, projector or sound equipment?

Yes, we require a projector and sound to perform our shows.

Do you require parking at the school/venue?

Your performer will be arriving in a car and will require free parking for the day. Please reserve one parking space at your school. This is a requirement of our visit. OpenView Education Facilitators arrive with a Theatre Set, and therefore must have free parking.

Do you accept provisional bookings?

We do not take provisional bookings, only confirmed ones. We cannot hold dates for schools, so please confirm with us as soon as possible so we can ensure you secure your chosen date.

Can we pay after your visit?

We aim to provide excellent value for all the schools we work with, in order for us to continue this, we need to receive payment before we come to your school. It is OpenView Education's policy to take payment no later than the day before our contracted visit date to your school.

It is our School's policy to only pay after we have received a service, what can we do?

Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss alternatives. Please note that this may incur a higher cost for the school.

What happens if we cancel our booking?

Unless we can reschedule your date, the school will be liable to pay the full fee. Please read our full terms and conditions here. 

What happens if you have to cancel our booking?

We are very pleased to say that this has never happened. If this were to occur, we would do everything we could to reschedule a date suitable for the school. Please read our full terms and conditions here.



Can your facilitator move spaces for each session?

Our facilitator needs to be based in one space for the duration of their visit. If this is challenging to accommodate, please contact us.

The person who organised your visit has left our school. Do the Terms and Conditions still apply?

Yes. The person who organised our visit arranged this on behalf of the school, so our full terms and conditions still apply.

What are the prices of your workshops and shows?

Our workshops represent great value, and we are able to provide a whole school experience at a competative rate. We have prices starting from £225. 

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