E-Safety Lesson Plans & Resources

On this page you can access the supporting resources for our in-person Internet Safety Workshops and Assemblies:

  • Power to Choose: E-Safety Workshop – Upper KS2
  • One Good Choice: E-Safety Assembly – KS2
  • Internet Safety Wizards: E-Safety Assembly – EYFS and KS1.

Key Stage 2 Resources

E-Safety Lesson Plan – Letter from a Friend

Key Stage 2

Internet Safety Lesson Plan Letter from a friend

Lesson Aims

  • Students discuss the Power to Choose E-Safety Workshop as a class.
  • Students write a reply to one of the Letters from a Friend.

Power To Choose

Assessment of Learning

Upper Key Stage 2

Power to Choose Assessment of Learning

The questions in this assessment of learning can be used after your students have taken part in the Power to Choose Internet Safety Workshop.

One Good Choice 

Assembly Review Lesson Plan

Years 3, 4 and 5. 

E-Safety Assembly Review Lesson Plan

This lesson plan can be used after your students have taken part in the One Good Choice Internet Safety Assembly.

Use this PowerPoint to discuss what your students saw in the assembly. Throughout the PowerPoint there are questions that you can use to prompt discussion with your class.

Stop, Block, Screenshot, Exit Poster

Key Stage 2

Stop Block Screenshot Exit - E-Safety Poster

This poster includes the four steps students can take if they see unkind messages or online bullying in a group chat.

Display this poster in your classroom to start a positive discussion around conflicts in Group Chats.

One Good Choice Pledge

Key Stage 2

One Good Choice Pledge Template

Use this template for your students to create their online safety pledge. Your student’s pledges can then be used to create an internet safety wall display in your classroom.

Power to Choose Rap + Backing Track

Key Stage 2

Power to Choose Rap and Backing Track

This PowerPoint includes the words and the backing track for the Power to Choose Rap. You can use this PowerPoint to review the rap with your class.

EYFS & Key Stage 1 Resources

Internet Safety Wizards Review Lesson Plan 


Internet Safety Wizards Lesson Plan

*This Lesson Plan is to be used after your students have taken part in the E-Safety Wizards Workshop.

Lesson Aims

  • Students talk about what they learnt during the E-Safety Wizards Workshop.
  • Students practice the Internet Safety Spell.
  • Students create an E-Safety Wizards poster.