E-Safety Training for Parents

Helping parents to keep their children safe online.

Engaging parents and carers on internet safety is now more important than ever before.  How can we ensure that parents have the resources and knowledge that they need to keep their children safe online? 

Schools have told us that they want to engage parents on e-safety, and provide them with clear actions steps that they can take to keep their children safe online.

That’s why we created Internet Safety Now.

This engaging video led e-safety training equips parents with the knowledge, skills and resources that they need to keep their children safe online.

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Includes eBook 'Keeping Children Safe Online'

Includes access for all the parents & carers at your school.

Duration: 30 minutes


Easy to access: Available online, and you can access the training anytime from any device.

What’s in the training?


Online Games & PEGI Ratings

An insight into the risks posed by online games, and clear action steps parents can take to make online games safer for their children. A clear explanation of PEGI ratings and how to use these ratings when deciding if a game is appropriate for the age of our child.


Parental Controls

How parental controls can be used to filter online content and monitor online usuage. The best resources that are currently available, and how we can set parent controls in an easy way. 


Social Media

Understanding the age restrictions on social media. What are the negative and positive impacts of social media on young people’s mental health. How can we support children with online challenges that they may experience on social media.


Online Behaviour

This section explores the risks posed to young people through their online behaviour.

How cyberbullying happens, and actions steps that we can take to support children before cyberbullying becomes a problem.  The risks of sharing images online, how parents can start an open conversation about safe online sharing.


Communicating Online

Understanding the role of CEOP as a reporting service. Understanding the risks posed to young people via online communication. Action steps that we can take to help young people to become digitally resiliant and  the resources that we can use to start an open conversation about safe online communcation.


Family Agreement

A step by step approach to implementing a Family Agreement for Internet Safety in the home. How we can increase self-awareness about our own online habits to lead the way for our children. 

Why it’s popular with schools…


internet safety training

The e-safety training can be accessed by all the parents and carers at your school.


e safety training

No need to login at a certain time, access the program as often as you want, whenever you want.


e safety lessons

The E-Safety training for parents can be accessed on any device and streams perfectly on 3G connections.


internet safety training schools

We can reach your whole school community in a way that works with your budget

Internet Safety Training
internet safety training
internet safety training

What People Say…

‘OpenView Education were very thorough and, for me, chose exactly the right content to focus on, whist giving a general overview. There was a lot of really helpful advice and information. The main thing I took away was to approach ‘the internet’ with less negativity and to concentrate on the positive aspects it has for children.’

Chesterton C of E Primary School


 ‘Brilliant! It was all brilliant and staff, pupils and parents were all impressed and said how beneficial the sessions were – they really enjoyed the sessions and all learnt so much. Thank you for your flexilbility, positivity and expertise.’

Manchester High School for Girls, Manchester

Computing Lead

‘I would really like to stress how excellent our facilitator was. They had a professional, informative and sensitive manner with the parents whilst leading the parent talk.  

The individual workshops with our students were excellent and pitched perfectly to each age group.

Finally I would like to commend OpenView Education on their ability to engage over 250 students in an eSafety assembly. The use of drama and enthusiasm meant that the children really learnt from the assembly, this will  safeguard the children if faced with an eSafety problem.’

Shaftesbury Park Primary School, Wandsworth

Ms. McKenzie-Arday, Computing Lead

‘Just wanted to say thank you.  I have found it very useful (bit of a dinosaur with these things !)  I feel much more prepared to tackle what might pop up in the future now. 

It was excellent and very appreciated. Some really great resources were recommended. Thank you again.’

John Ball Primary School, London


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Send us a message here and we’ll be in touch to arrange your access to the training.

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