Parent / Carer Internet Safety Training

Resources to Increase Parent Engagement

At OpenView Education, we want to help your school to achieve a high level of parent engagement with your internet safety training.  You can use the resources below to inform the parents and carers at your school about the internet safety training, and use the ideas in the checklist to increase their engagement with the training.

How to Increase Parent Engagement - Checklist

The simple steps in this check list are shown to significantly increase the number of parents that engage with the internet safety training.

Letter to Inform Parents & Carers

This letter can be copied and pasted onto your school website, or sent out via your newsletter. It will explain the value of the training and encourage parents to access it.

Instructions for accessing the online training

We’ve made the training easy to use and easy to access. You can send this guide to support the parents at your school with further guidance on how to access the online training.

Promotional Image for the Training

Use this promotional image to grab attention and increase engagement with the online training. Place the image on your school website and in your school newsletter to promote the training.

TikTok Parent Guide

Download our guide on what parents need to about TikTok.

TikTok Parent Guide

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