Anti-Bullying Week 2024 – Choose Respect

by | Jun 5, 2024

What is the theme for Anti-Bullying Week 2024?

For Anti-Bullying Week 2024 the theme is Choose Respect. The Anti-Bullying Alliance, in collaboration with it’s members, is promoting this vital message.

We love this new theme because it emphasises the importance of encouraging empathy and empowering children and young people to make respectful choices, even in the face of conflict. Moreover, it calls on adults to model these behaviors, leading by example and creating a positive culture free of bullying.

Here is the call to action for Anti-Bullying Week 2024:

From playgrounds to parliament, our homes to our phones, this Anti-Bullying Week let’s ‘Choose Respect’ and bring an end to bullying which negatively impacts millions of young lives. This year, we’ll empower children and young people to not resort to bullying, even when we disagree and remind adults to lead by example, online and offline.


Imagine a world where respect and kindness thrives — it’s not just a dream, it’s in the choices we make. Join us this Anti-Bullying Week and commit to ‘Choose Respect’.


What will you choose?


Here is the Choose Respect video for Anti-Bullying Week 2024:

When is Anti-Bullying Week 2024?

Anti-Bullying Week 2024 is from Monday 11th to Friday 15th November 2024, with Odd Socks Day on Tuesday 12th November 2024.

What can you do to celebrate Anti-Bullying Week 2024?

  1. Pledge Your Support for Anti-Bullying Week Here.
  2. Check out the information and resources for Odd Socs Day here.
  3. Get involved by nominating someone at your school for the School Staff Award. 
  4. Post on Twitter about what you have planned for Anti-Bullying Week. Remember to use the following tags: #Anti-BullyingWeek #ChooseRespect @ABAonline @OpenViewEd.
  5. Book an interactive Anti-Bullying Workshop to be delivered at your school.


What is an Anti-Bullying Workshop?

Our interactive Anti-Bullying Workshops empower children and young people with skills for responding to conflict and bullying situations.  The workshops start by establishing a clear definition of bullying, and how bullying is different from a conflict or an argument.

We then explore a scenario in which bullying is taking place in person, and in a Group Chat. Then through role-play activities, students get up on their feet and put into practice conflict resolution skills.

OpenView Education is proud to support Anti-Bullying Week 2024 with interactive workshops that bring the theme of Choose Respect to life.

Our workshops are designed to engage students actively, providing them with practical skills and strategies. Our interactive workshops cater for students in Early Years Foundation, Key Stage 1, 2 and 3.


Anti-Bullying Workshop for Key Stage 2 – Choose Respect 

For pupils at Key Stage two level, our workshop focuses on:

  • Choosing Respect: Teaching students various ways to show respect and how it helps resolve disagreements.
  • Identifying Bullying: Helping students differentiate between normal conflicts and bullying, with a special focus on online bullying in a group chat.
  • Conflict Resolution Skills: Engaging in role-playing activities to apply effective conflict resolution techniques.
  • Communicating Effectively: Using appropriate voice tone and body language to navigate conflicts.
  • Accessing Support: Identifying where to seek help if they are a bystander to, or a target of bullying.

Duration: 45-60 minutes | Capacity: One class per workshop


Anti-Bullying Workshop for EYFS and Key Stage 1 – Choose Kindness 

For our youngest learners in Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1, workshop features:

  • Professional Puppetry and Costumes.
  • Practicing Kindness and Teamwork: Understanding how to choose kindness in their actions towards others.
  • Feeling Empathy: Recognising how their actions affect others’ feelings.
  • Speaking Up: Using the ‘Stop Sign’ technique to assertively and politely stand up for themselves.

Duration: 30-60 minutes | Capacity: One class per workshop


Anti-Bullying Presentation for Key Stage 3 – Upstander Impact

For secondary schools we offer an interactive presentation catering for large groups of students. The presentation supports the following learning outcomes:

  • Understanding different types of bullying, including cyberbullying.
  • Recognizing the impact of bullying on individuals.
  • Identifying the responsibilities of bystanders to report bullying and how to get help.
  • Understanding racist bullying and actions to take against it.
  • Recognizing and addressing stereotypes.
  • Expecting and showing respect in school and society.
  • Responding to bullying in various contexts.
  • Understanding the roles in a bullying situation.
  • Defining bullying with reference to power imbalance.

Duration: 60 minutes | Capacity: 120 students

Additional Support for Schools

Every school we visit also receives:

  • Review Lesson Plan: A detailed plan for teachers to reinforce the workshop lessons.
  • Anti-Bullying Week 2024 Poster: A vibrant poster to keep the anti-bullying message visible.
  • Supporting Resources: Access to a range of additional materials to support ongoing anti-bullying education.


Join Us in Making a Difference for Anti-Bullying Week 2024 – Choose Respect!

Whatever you choose to do for Anti-Bullying Week 2024, make sure you shout about it on Twitter, and help raise awareness for this important national event.

If you would like to arrange an Anti-Bullying Workshop for your school, please let us know here.

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