Anti-Bullying Lesson Plan & Video: 


What Would You Do?

In this video your students will hear four different scenarios that show different kinds of bullying taking place. After each scenarios.

You can pause the video to discuss with your group and ask then ‘What Would You Do?

Anti-Bullying Lesson Plan: 

What Would You Do?

The aim of this video and lesson is to promote discussion about bullying with KS2 students. It will also encourage them to think about how we can respond appropriately to bullying situations from the perspective of the victim, or from the perspective of a bystander.


  • Students will watch What Would You Do? Video.
  • Students will discuss each scenario.
  • Students suggest ideas of how to respond to the bullying situations presented.
  • Students discuss what they understand bullying is.


Put students into small groups of four or five. This is to allow them to discuss the videos effectively. 


Play each scenario in the What Would You Do?  video, pause the video after each one and allow your students to discuss what they have seen.  To direct their discussion tell your students they need to answer the following questions for each scenario:

  • Is this bullying, and if so why?

  • What would you do if this was happening to do?

  • What would you do if you saw this, or if you knew it was happening?

Facilitate the discussion that arises from the videos. Take any opportunities that arise to reference your schools Anti-Bullying Policy. Direct students towards appropriate responses to the bullying situations when needed.


Write down any good strategies or responses that your students thought of on the board. Review these suggestions at the end of the lesson and take the opportunity to reference your schools Anti-Bullying Policy.

We hope you enjoyed using these Anti-Bullying Lesson Plans and Videos. To help you celebrate Anti-Bullying Week at your school, why not arrange to have OpenView Education visit your school? 

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