Anti-Bullying Guides and Training from the Anti-Bullying Alliance

by | May 14, 2021

The Anti-Bullying Alliance have recently published two new guides and CPD courses.

Sexual Bullying: A new guide for schools and CPD training.

Addressing bullying is always a challenging subject, but the topic of sexual bullying can be particularly sensitive. This guide and CPD training provides valuable insight and practical action steps on this topic: The guide covers:


Access the full guide here.

Supporting young people who are bullying others: a guide for schools.

There is also a new guide on supporting students who bully others. Research from the All Together Anti-Bullying programme found that:

  • 43% of children had bullied others occasionally.
  • 8% of children reported bullying others frequently.

The research highlights the significant number of students who become involved in bullying others. Research also shows that students who engage in bullying others as just as likely to have poor wellbeing as those who are being bullied.

The new guide from the Anti-Bullying Alliance includes actions steps for working alongside parents, and highlights the value of a restorative approach.

Read the full guide here.

Throughout the summer term protecting students mental health and wellbeing will be a top priority for many schools. These two new resources from the Anti-Bullying Alliance can be used to support schools take a proactive stance in addressing conflict and bullying.

For Anti-Bullying Week 2021 OpenView Education will be supporting schools through our anti-bullying workshops. Our workshops draw on the most recent research in bullying prevention, and they are delivered through theatre and drama to provide a positive and memorable learning experience for your students. If you would like to book a workshops for your school, get in touch here.

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