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About Us

Who are we?

OpenView Education specialises in theatre based training and performances on Anti-Bullying, Internet Safety and Wellbeing for students at all levels of education. 


We integrate role-play, puppetry, forum-theatre and a high energy delivery to create powerful learning experiences for your students.

Our attitude of positivity, respect and kindness towards others underpins everything we do. We get your students up on their feet and actively involved in our sessions. All our facilitators are experienced performers with a passion for empowering young people. 

Why Choose Us?

Professional Performers

Our facilitators draw on our years of experience as professional theatre actors to captivate, entertain and educate your students.


Drama and performance is the foundation of our approach. The students will be up on their feet and actively engaged. This is why our sessions have such a long lasting impact.

Educational Focus

Our visit to your school or institution is supported with resources such as original videos, lesson plans and PowerPoints. These can be delivered before and after our visit. This ensures that the event is content rich for your teachers and students. It allows them to derive greater value and more teaching time from the experience of the workshop.

Our fun and interactive workshops support your delivery on a range of subjects. All of our shows, workshops and presentations go through an extensive development and rehearsal process. The content is current and draws on the most recent research and legislation.

Fantastic Facilitators

All our facilitators hold Enhanced DBS checks, they are highly qualified and bring years of experience from teaching and performance. We ensure the highest standards during every session. 

Participation and Inclusion

All of our sessions involve getting the students up on their feet and making them the centre of the action. We believe that being active is an essential part of learning. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved in all of the workshops. We approach all sessions with an open mind and encourage all students to share their thoughts and ideas.

We Keep it Simple

We understand that you have a lot demands on your time so we make our booking process quick and easy. We also have a low-tech setup, all we need is a clear space in which to run the workshop: we bring everything we need. Nice and simple!

Excellent Value

Our events offer excellent value for money. We aim to make our visits affordable for all schools and institutions with packages starting from £225.



When budgets are tight it’s important to think about the real value of everything we buy. The decision to book an external company can be challenging. Should we pay for educational visits, theatre trips, or activity days? All these things can compete for your budget.


OpenView Education can provide benefit of all of these elements in a package that is excellent value. We will provide your students with exposure to the arts that has a strong educational focus. They will take part in fun activities as a path to learning important skills.


In addition, OpenView Education customers will receive…


  • Resource Packs: Lesson Plans, Original Videos and PowerPoints for delivery with all of your students.

  • Updates with the latest free teaching resources for Internet Safety, Anti-Bullying, Wellbeing and Relationships Education.

  • A workshop that supports Ofsted Guidance on PSHE, RSE and Internet Safety.

  • Highly experienced and trained facilitators with an excellent way of working with your students.

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We'd love to have a chat with you about visiting your school. For any questions or if you'd like to book a workshop get in touch:

T: 07597 984841

E: openvieweducation@gmail.com